Audrey Hepburn Inspired Closet

Recently I needed some inspiration for my closet and looked no further than Audrey Hepburn!

Audrey Hepburn Inspired Closet - So Much Better With Age

 I love Audrey Hepburn. It’s a little known fact to anyone who really knows me.

I’ve also been lucky enough to own many silver pieces from Tiffany’s so I wanted to display the Tiffany’s bags I have.

I’ve seen the movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, so many times I lost count. I’ve seen all of her movies and she is just so graceful and lovely. I wanted my walk-in closet to reflect those qualities.

Tiffany Blue Bags in the closet.

I even have the perfume she made with Givenchy.

Audrey Hepburn Givenchy perfume on a Tiffany box.
The Tiffany bags lined up in the closet.

When I went to New York in 1998, I made sure to visit the flagship Tiffany’s store near Central Park.

It was amazing to walk through all the floors of that gorgeous building.

 Breakfast At Tiffanys book standing up.
Audrey Hepburn Inspired Closet / row of Tiffany bags - So Much Better With Age
Audrey Hepburn poster - So Much Better With Age

This side of my closet is where I keep my gym clothes, jeans, bags and some of her books.

Audrey Hepburn Inspired Closet / clothes on shelves - So Much Better With Age

I love ballet flats because of her and skinny capris.

She’s such a timeless beauty and all her clothing was too.

Plant on the side table beside the books.

I love the tiny chandelier in my closet too.

A chandelier in the closet.
Up close of the blue bags in the closet.
An Audrey Hepburn picture.

I hope you liked this tour of my Audrey Hepburn inspired closet.

Make sure to pin it for later!

Audrey Hepburn Inspired Closet graphic poster.

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  1. Oh my goodness! I LOVE all the little blue Tiffany bags and boxes. And what a lucky girl to have gotten them all! I love the Audrey prints too – its all gorgeous!

  2. oh la la… Simply gorgeous!!! You may have just inspired me to attack my skinny closet of shame. I also have bags in my closet they are just plastic Target, Goodwill, and Lowe’s (what ?) in a jumble on the floor. 🙂

  3. Fabulous, this looks amazing and who doesn’t love Tiffany blue. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.

  4. Wow, what a great idea! I love both movies Tiffany’s and Roman Holiday. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Jamie, what a beautiful closet! I love the chandelier your hubby installed, and all of the Tiffany blue colors, books and decor. I am a fan of Audrey Hepburn too and this is such an inspiring closet, must make getting ready that much more fun! Thanks for sharing at The Makers, pinned 🙂

  6. Jamie I think this is the cutest thing that you have an Audrey Hepburn inspired closet! I LOVE Audrey Hepburn, but you are the queen of all things Audrey Hepburn. I have to admit, I would create a Grace Kelly style closet if I could. I would have all my scarves dedicated to Grace Kelly, lol. Thank you for sharing at Redouxinteriors!

    1. Thanks so much, Karen! Wouldn’t that be amazing? A Grace Kelly closet! Would it be full of the famous Birkin bags too? One can wish, haha

  7. I’m a new reader to your blog & just happened to see the Tiffany closet in your best of 2014 post so immediately clicked over here to read! I have entirely too many Tiffany bags & boxes (okay, never mind… one can NEVER have too many!). Aaaand Hubs *just* last week installed a mini chandelier in my closet as well. I’m totally going to borrow this idea for my own closet ~ thanks!

    Also, if you ever get the chance, you MUST see the flagship Tiffany & Co. decorated for Christmas! We were just in there a few weeks ago & it’s beyond stunning. Aaaand… a few extra bags never hurt either. 😉

  8. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, your closet! I would inspire my closet after Kathrine Hepburn! I love her movies. Baby…Philadelphia Story, they are all so wonderful. Thanks for such a great inspiration!

  9. I love this. I am a huge Audrey Hepburn (and Grace Kelly) fan and have passed it onto my 16 year old daughter. Such class, grace, and talent in beautiful packages! I can see how starting the day in this closet would be inspiring!

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