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Supporting our BIPOC community means everything right now! Here’s one way to help.

Carmeon Hamilton
Carmeon Hamilton – Nubi Interiors

I have to say to start, I am not an eloquent speaker so please forgive me if I say anything the wrong way.

My blog has always been a DIY, decorating and organizing blog along with sharing some personal stories along the way. So much has happened over the last couple of weeks. Last week I had surgery (it was something that needed to get done before COVID and I’m on the mend now!). While I was recuperating, the world changed and while I’ve had time to mend, I’ve been listening, learning and reading everything that I can. I’ve cried on and off, got angry and sat with uncomfortable feelings. I’ve had difficult conversations with my children, husband and friends. I’ve checked my own biases and judgments. I never thought I had any biases but I did. I’m still learning every day.

I know I cannot go back now. Black artists, designers and DIYers (and BIPOC in general) have not had their fair share of recognition and going forward I promise to highlight them more.

Also I should be all healed and ready to take on clients next week!

So how do we support? One very simple way is to follow these designers on Instagram and share with our friends. Buy from them and cheer them on. Let’s get started!

Black Designers, DIYers and Bloggers to Support

Once Upon a 1912

We’re starting out this list with my friend Kay who has a heart of gold and a beautiful home!

Once Upon a 1912

Making Home Base

Chelsea is another friend and gives her readers a wealth of tips of how to turn military housing into a beautiful home.

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Making Home Base

Carmeon Hamilton – Nubi Interiors

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Nubi Interiors

Carmeon Hamilton – Nubi Interiors & Shavonda Gardner – SG Style

Both designers created this room together.

Nubi Interiors and SG Style.

Shavonda Gardner – SG Style

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Shavonda Gardner.

Brigette Romanek

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Brigette Romanek.

Marie Burgos Design

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Marie Burgos Design.

Marie Burgos also has a stunning design shop. I cannot get over her lighting collection!

Marie Burgos Design lighting.

Casa Vilora Interiors by Veronica Solomon

I fell in love with Veronica about six months ago listening to her on a couple of design podcasts. She also helps other designers with these courses.

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Veronica Solomon.

Beginning in the Middle

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Beginning in the Middle.

Sheila Bridges

(Sheila’s black toile fabric line is GORGEOUS!)

She also has a memoir book: The Bald Mermaid

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Sheila Bridges.

Corey Damen Jenkins

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Corey Damen Jenkins

L H Designed

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LH Designed.

Darryl Carter Design

Beautiful design books by Darryl Carter: The Collected Home | The New Traditional

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Darryl Carter Design.

Grillo Designs

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Grillo Designs.

Nina B Design

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Nina B Design.

Duett Interiors

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Duett Interiors.

Nicole Gibbons Studio

Nicole also has an amazing paint line that ships paint directly to your door! Clare Paints

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Nicole Gibbons Studio.


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Mikel Welch

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Mikel Welch.

Home Made By Carmona

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Home Made by Carmona.

Simplicity for Designs

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Simplicity for Designs.

Eneia White Interiors

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Eneia White Interiors.

Erika Ward Interiors

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Erika Ward Interiors.

Candace Mary Interiors

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Candace Mary Interiors.

Made By Carli

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Made by Carli.

My Cozy Corner

My Cozy Corner.

Jungalow Blog by Justina Blakeney

The Jungalow Shop has an amazing array artwork, home decor, rugs and wallpaper.

The many collaborations Justine has had is here.

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Justina Blakeney Jungalow.

Thanks for following my blog and for supporting these black talented friends of ours. We can all make a difference together.

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  1. I couldn’t tell you which of the pictures I liked best. They were all stunningly beautiful. So many ideas to choose from and make them your own.

  2. I don’t pick bloggers to follow based on the color of their skin. Most of the time, I don’t know what color it is and don’t care. i have had all the virtue signaling and shaming I can stand so unfortunately, I am unsubscribing from most, including yours. Sorry.

  3. Some amazing talent showcased!

    So proud of you hun for shining the spotlight on those that need our support the most. ♥️

    1. Jamie, I really appreciate the blogs that are, like you, stepping up and acknowledging that there are things going on in this world that need attention that are not necessarily blog design related. I understand some people will come to design blogs for a bit of respite. But there is no more burying our heads in the sand against these issues.
      I’m happy to see that you are featuring BIPOC blogs. I’m familiar with a few of these, but i’ll be checking the rest out!
      Thank you! And be well!

      1. Kay,
        Thank you for your comment! We definitely need to feature our BIPOC no matter what area of work we are in. Thank you for supporting too! Have fun looking at all the drool worthy photos!
        Hugs, Jamie

    1. EEK! Veronica, thank you for commenting on this post. I just finished an interior design course and I’m starting my business next week. I have heard you on Kimberly Seldon’s podcast and Luann Nigara’s podcast. I instantly fell in love with your enthusiasm and spirit. And of course your designs are amazing. I’m looking into some of your courses as well and will be sure to promote. Please let me know if there is anything I can help promote on my end.
      Big hugs, Jamie

  4. I would be somewhat offended if I were of color and saw your blog title. I think doing things like that just makes it more of an offensive issue. Instead, I would have simply showcased a variety of designers/bloggers and not mention the fact that you are only featuring designers of color. I wonder if you asked some of them about your title first what they said. I could be off base here, I just feel like we make it more of an issue even if we are coming from a place of good intentions.

    1. Hi Diane,
      I’ve checked with a few of my black friends and they are completely okay with this. In fact, they want it. Major magazines also have online articles such as this one (Elle Decor, House & Home, Architectural Digest) and many blogger friends have done the same. Right now this is happening so we can elevate them and put them at the forefront because that is what is needed in the world right now. Once we have all fought for their equality and they are treated as equals (finally), then we’ll see a fair representation of everyone sprinkled in together as life should be.
      Take care,

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