Bulletin Board Using Foam Boards and Fabric

How I made a lightweight bulletin board using foam boards and fabric.

Bulletin board using foam boards & fabric - So Much Better With Age

The other day I showed you that my office has goals. One of her goals was to get a large bulletin board up on the wall behind the computer screen.

I imagined a large one so I could pin all my beautiful inspiration photos to it. I knew it would be quite heavy if it was made from cork or wood and burlap so I tried to think of an alternate solution (why not, right?).

I use white foam boards sometimes for my photo shoots so I tried sticking a pin in it one day. Worked like a charm!

This is how to make a fabric covered bulletin board using foam boards!

Pictures on the bulletin board.

Here is the area I want to put up the bulletin board.

The pink washi tape wasn’t cutting it. As you can see, they kept falling down hence the sporadic pattern.

The board in the office above the computer.

First, I got this lovely fabric from Online Fabric Store

The neutral French inspired swatch of fabric.

and four foam boards from my craft store.

The foam boards laid out for the tutorial.

I wanted a large rectangle so I played around with the shapes. I cut one foam board to fill that gap with an exact0 knife.

Cutting the boards down to size using an exacto knife.

Laying out the boards together.

Next, I measured and cut the fabric for each board leaving an extra two inches all around.

Cutting the fabric for the boards,

I just hot glued the fabric down. Start with one end and then move on to the opposite end.

Gluing the fabric to the boards.

Finish your corners but tucking under and using more hot glue. You might need to cut excess fabric.

Tucking in the corners of the fabric.

Hot glue a sawtooth hanger onto the back. This one was a little warped and it still worked fine.

Attaching a sawtooth hanger to the back of it.

To figure out the nail placement, I used some spaceship wrapping paper.

Tape your spaceship wrapping paper to the bulletin boards and poke a pencil where you feel the hardware.

Using wrapping paper to cover the back of it.

Then tape it up on the wall and hammer the nails directly through the spaceship paper.

Take down the paper and the nails will still be in place.

Marking the spot on the wall where it will hang.

Now you can easily hang up your bulletin boards.

Hanging the board up in the office.

I love how it turned out! I was worried that the hot glue wouldn’t hold the sawtooth hanger but so far so good!

Plus it helps that the foam boards are really light.

Close up of the bulletin board.

Of course I had to add my French Vintage inspiration.

Putting pictures of inspiration on the board.
Up close of the foam board in the office.
A desk, monitor, and light.
 Bulletin board using foam boards & fabric / French inspiration - So Much Better With Age
There is a chandelier in the office.

So now I can cross one thing off My Office Goals list. Hopefully I can tackle the other projects soon!

  • paint old bookshelf white
  • fix / sand/ paint desk
  • make fabric covered bulletin board
  • add another piece of artwork from City Farmhouse
  • sand chair

Disclosure:  Thank you Online Fabric Store for providing me with the gorgeous fabric. All opinions are 100% my own. 

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  1. Oh my gosh! This is so cool! I’m doing a diy project for my classroom’s bulletin board and this has been really helpful!

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