Haven Recap and Business Cards That Stand Out

Here is my Haven recap and also how you can make business cards that really stand out from the rest!Haven Conference & making business cards that stand out - So Much Better With Age

Today I will show you how to make your business cards that will really stand out, but first let me tell you all about Haven!

Each year for the last four years I take a long trip from my home in Vancouver, BC Canada to Atlanta, Georgia for the DIY blogger conference called Haven. Why you ask? Doesn’t Vancouver have any blogging conferences?

Yes we do! And there are a lot of bloggers in Vancouver but most are fashion bloggers or mommy bloggers. The blogging world is very niche driven. I’m in the DIY & home decorating niche and then there’s niches within that niche. Have I lost you yet? I hope not!

So I love going each year to visit the friends I talk to every day and to meet face to face with brands.

Haven Conference & making business cards that stand out / room full of people at the conference.

I actually took my big camera with me this year, I usually don’t as it’s too bulky to carry around all day, but the lighting was bad so it was probably irrelevant. Oh well. I still had fun taking everyone’s picture.

Home decor bloggers in a picture.

So here’s Jenna, Rachel, Sarah, Abby, Natalie.

Abby & Chelsea

Abby and Chelsea home bloggers.

And of course my roomie every year, Jenna.

Jenna and I standing and posing for a picture.

Moi / Lauren / Rachel / Liz Marie / Shannon / Liz

All of us home decor bloggers posing.

With Sarah and Lauren and Rachel

We have soo much fun every year!

At the cocktail party all dressed up.

Laura / Lauren

 My blogger friends Laura and Lauren.

Selfie time! Here are some of the outfits I wore at Haven this year.

Selfies of my outfits for Haven.

Nina / moi / Rachel / April / Lauren / Sarah / Abby / Chelsea

Missing from photo: Jenna! She was sick, poor girl 🙁

All of us friends together at Haven.

My favourite class two years in a row now is Amy Howard’s class.

She is one incredible woman with so much experience in the business world with furniture and her paint line and just life. She tells you so many inspiring stories and she really wants to uplift women. It’s a real treat to listen to her talk. And while she’s talking you’re painting. It’s a great and unique combination for a class.

 Amy Howard's Class at Haven Conference - So Much Better With Age

Here’s Amy showing us a new technique for vintage wood, which was so cool.

A business card tutorial.

You put on this product that’s a bit like a watered-down stain called Better With Age (um..I need to be a brand ambassador, hello!)…

A can of Vintage Wood stain.
Staining wood.

You then add Venetian plaster to it and scrape it off.

Like vintage barn wood. I love this look with the plaster.

 Using plaster on the stained wood.

Of course, there’s always lots of Haven swag to bring back home.

All the swag from Haven laid out on the bed.

Business Cards That Stand Out

I wanted to make business cards that stood out this year as I’m going through a re branding of my site (EEK! I cannot wait to share the new look with you!) and I wouldn’t have my new business cards done in time but I wanted to tell people that it was coming. So I made little cards to attach saying what they could expect coming up on my blog, like the new re branding of course as well as videos. I just printed it on card stock and cut each card with a paper cutter.

I also printed off a photo from my new house so I could tell brands there were going to be a ton of new projects in the works for the blog.

Making business cards all the items laid out on the table.

I found cute little kraft paper envelopes and had my son help me stamp each envelope with a little French stamp that I already had on hand. I taped it up with a strip of washi tape.

Stamping the envelopes.

I found these little white flags at a craft store that added a nice little touch and with the baker’s twine it all came together.

Using twine on the cards.

I love how they turned out. A cute little card collection in their own little envelope.

Cute little cards with envelopes.
All the finished business cards in a pile.

These were so much fun to make and my weekend was a blast. I got to meet new people and I love seeing my girls!

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  1. I love the business card idea! They turned out awesome Jamie! Haven just looks like so much fun. Maybe one of these years I’ll have an excuse to go.

  2. Jamie, when I read your post on Haven last year, I was just getting started with my blog. I attended Haven and like you had a blast this year. Somehow I missed meeting you but hope to next year. Love your blog!

  3. I NEEDED to come next year!! You and sooo many of the other girls are all bloggers I look up too! And your business cards rock, Jamie!

  4. Jamie,

    Love seeing the pictures from your experience there. Even though I met you, it’s really fun to see photos of classes I didn’t take (Amy Howard! Next time!) and people I haven’t yet met!

    And your business cards were adorable! By far the cutest ones I got when I was there! So glad we met:)


    1. You’re so sweet, thanks Shirley. It was so great to meet you! I love Amy Howard’s classes. Hope to see you again next year.
      Hugs, Jamie

  5. I saw your post title and thought these WERE your new business cards!!! Holy moly, so cute!! Great idea. Glad you had a good time. Amy’s class sounds like something I would love.

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