Classic Black Halloween Mantel Decor

This CLASSIC BLACK Halloween mantel decor IS PERFECT FOR those who love a classy minimal approach to Halloween!

A black Halloween mantel with draped webbing and black garland with bats and birds.

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I think I’m completely obsessed with my new fireplace because I’m decorating it again in classic black Halloween mantel decor!

This fireplace is actually what I wanted in my previous house but it wasn’t in the budget. As I compromise I just spray painted the brick on the fireplace.

Okay, so I’ve been through fall decor and now it’s time for Halloween decorating!

Halloween Fireplace Mantel

Halloween is always fun for me because I get to use black. I love black (it is a neutral, you know) but usually its too dark for me.

But man does it go well with my light neutral decor! I love the contrast of the two colors!

There’s lots of goodies to show you in this one area so let me give you a tour of my classic black Halloween mantel decor.

White pumpkins, webbing draped on the mirror and black bats and crows on the fireplace mantel.

First, I kinda love these lantern bags I made. I turned them into a Halloween garland since I really wanted lots of white pumpkins on the mantel.

Then I cut them out and used vellum inside along with some flickering lights. You might have seem them flicker on IG stories yesterday.

So. much. fun!

I’ll be posting how to make this simple Halloween craft next week so be sure to pop back and take a look.

Black feathers, and candles on the mantel.

I draped this creepy cloth over the vintage French mirror and wall sconces, super easy.

Then I poured some dark coloured melted wax over some candles. I know there are a ton of tutorials right now on Pinterest but I just melted some crayons in an old camping frying pan and poured it over the pumpkins. Easy peasy, and looks amazing.

The wax candles are actually LED flickering candles! They come with the candle holder too. So cool.

Black bat and crow garland hanging on the mantel.

I used ostrich feathers to give it an extra pop of black and add lots of rich texture.

They were actually blowing in the wind from the candles in the crock. Such a cool effect.

Whte pumpkins with black wax on them lined up on the fireplace mantel.
Large mirror on the mantel draped in black netting.
Up close picture of the ostrich feathers on the mantel.
 A crock filled with floating candles beside the fireplace.   A neutral French armchair beside it.
White fireplace mantel decorated with white pumpkins dipped in black wax, and black netting with feathers.

Then I added floating candles and apples to one of my crocks filled with water. You know how obsessed I am with crocks.

 Up close picture of the crock filled with floating candles and apples with white pumpkins beside it.

These black lanterns come in a set which is convenient because you can’t just buy one. The flameless candle is actually wax and it flickers too!

I don’t know why I’m just new to this flickering plastic candle trend as I was always about REAL candles.  But these are just the best and a safe option for Halloween!

Okay, except for the floating candles. Those need to be real.

Crock beside the fireplace on the floor and stacked white pumpkins beside it.
Classic black fireplace mantel, neutral chair with vintage book on it, crock filled with apples and candles floating.

I hope you enjoyed me changing up my mantel again. And it’s going to happen again at Christmas.

You are now officially warned.


Be sure to watch my short video on this Halloween decor!

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  1. I love it! I especially love your ginormous crock with the apples and candles. Reminds me of “it’s the great pumpkin, charlie brown” and snoopy pops up and plants one on lucy 🙂

    Happy Halloweeny!

  2. I don’t even know where to begin with all I love about this! Black is one of my favorite colors too! Love the lantern bags, the melted wax and the crock with apples and candles!! All so fabulous!

  3. I’m loving the black wax melted on the white pumpkins! Your black and white Halloween mantel decor looks wonderful with just the right amount of spooky. Pinning your post!
    Thank you for linking up with us at the #HomeMattersParty this week!

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