Decorate with Wood and White

Wood and white together is a magical combination! Check out all the examples of how well these colors/textures blend together.

Large wooden armoire in bedroom with white bedding and crystal chandelier.

This is a post I’ve been wanting to do for years which is weird that I haven’t done it. It’s something I always come back to time and time again. And that is a combination of warm wood textures with white or neutral walls and furnishings.

Obviously you can have more color in play here but it’s a timeless look that will never go out of style. Let me know show you what I mean.

I love wood and white so much that the other day when my daughter asked me what my favorite color was (other than my obvious favorite green) I said wood and white…together! She then tried to teach me about what colors were appropriate answers. In my opinion, wood and white are two amazing colors indeed!

Wood and white home examples

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With wood and white, you can go contemporary or classic or a combination of both. I just love these creamy white walls with moulding. If there wasn’t these wood floors and wooden chair, this room would feel very stark, much less relaxing.

White room with wood floors and chair by Viktoria.
via Viktoria @tthese_beautiful_thingss

This dining room takes my breath away. The wood table pops amongst the sea of different textures of white. It would be too bland and a bit boring if there wasn’t this beautiful wood table.

Wooden dining table and white slipcovered chairs by Laura Resen Photography.
via Laura Resen Photography

Shea McGee’s foyer is the perfect blend of wood and white. I love black and white together but the wood and natural elements just warms this space up.

White foyer with black door with wood console table and vintage rug by Studio McGee.
via Studio McGee

Quite possibly my favorite kitchen ever, the wood cabinetry against white and vintage art is the best combination, in my opinion.

Wooden kitchen cabinets with white countertops and white walls by Angela Wheeler.
via Angela Wheeler Design

Just like a French country kitchen but a modern take on it. I’m in love with this vintage wooden island. So many details to love with this room!

Modern French country kitchen with white textured walls and antique wooden island by Sabbe Interiors.
via Sabbe Interiors

This wooden cabinet is perfection. White just never looks boring with wood! It just shows how the wood doesn’t have to be freshly sanded or stained to look good next to a newly renovated white vanity.

Wooden vintage cabinet in white bathroom.
via Babyccino Kids

White in different shades and tones add more warmth than stark white. But it still has the same amazing appeal with wood.

Neutral bedroom with white bedding, cream walls and wooden bench by Jenni Kayne.
via Jenni Kayne

All the natural elements in this room just breathe so much life into the space. Could you imagine what it would look like without them?

Huge wooden dining table in white room with vaulted ceiling and basket pendant lights.
via House Seven Design

I love this gorgeous vanity. This bathroom is so cozy along with the vintage rug basket.

Wooden table for bathroom vanity, vintage rug and large basket under vanity.
via Park and Oak Design

What do you think? Do you love wood and white together as much as I do? Let me know in the comments below!

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Decorate with wood and white.

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  1. Agreed! It has been my favorite for over 25 years. I just keep updating things but always go back to the same combo. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Or do you know the brand of the mirrored armoire shown on this post? I’ve been searching for one just like it and would love to have a starting point.

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