Dining Room Design Boards

I’ve changed my dining room by switching rugs and artwork but keeping the same furniture! Check out these design boards.

Three 3 Dining Room Design Boards with art and rug changes.

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed when Aaron installed the new moulding in our dining room. I’ll sharing a post soon on how easily it was to install but first I’ve been itchy to redecorate my dining room.

I decided to play around with some new artwork and rugs to give the room a new feel with some design boards.

First, you might be confused that I said design board instead of mood board. I think mood board is the general term that gets used most often when sharing a room design or fashion look it’s not a mood board at all.

What is a mood board?

A mood board displays inspiration images that can include colors, nature images, people, products to evoke a mood.

April mood board by Lulu and Georgia.

via Lulu and Georgia

What is a design board?

A design board is a board that displays actual images of products that are going to be used in a room such as paint colors and furnishings.

Without changing my current furniture, here are three design boards I’ve created for my dining room.

design Board 1

Sample board or mood board of dining room.

current sources:

I used my same dining table, Mora clock, similar chairs, chandelier and faux olive tree. I also added the beautiful black pot with greenery to the table.

These black and white art pieces are modern yet go with any style. Pairing it with this gorgeous rug and mirror gives the room a stylish, old world charm.

Femme Sketch 1

Femme Sketch artwork from Rainsford Company.

Femme Sketch 2

Femme Sketch 2 from Rainsford Company.

Archcrown gold mirror

Archcrown gold mirror from Joss and Main.

Haarlem hand-knotted rug

Haarlem hand knotted rug from McGee and Co.

design Board 2

Sample board of dining room with French chandelier and mora clock.

I changed the art, mirrors and rug again. I’ve considered these art pieces long and hard and still don’t know if they are too modern for me? What do you think?

Black 01

Black 01 art from Minted.

Black 03

Black 03 artwork from Minted.

Coulter edge gold mirror

Coulter edge gold mirror from Joss & Main.

Persian Style Print Dehra rug

Persian style print dehra rug from World Market.

design board 3

Dining room sample board with rug, artwork, mora clock and chandelier.

This board adds more color to the room which I also really like.

Road Trip

Road Trip artwork from Minted.

Road Trip 2

Road Trip 2 artwork from Minted.

Rosamund mirror

Rosamund mirror from Ballard Designs.

Sullivan rug

Sullivan rug from McGee and Co.

Which design board is your favorite? Would you like to see more of these from me?

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  1. I love Sample Board 3 – especially the artwork! Are they prints of watercolors? I love the colors. Stay safe! Claudia

  2. I love your art work choices! I’m trying to figure out the paint color you used behind your artwork.
    Love your site!

    1. Thank you, Janet! The walls in my dining room are white, Simply White by Benjamin Moore but was considering painting the area inside the moulding a light grey. I’m not sure the exact paint color yet.
      Hugs, Jamie

  3. I love your ideas…option 1 is safe and option 3 provides more color. I think option 2 is too modern for space. It will look fabulous…whatever you choose.

  4. I’d go with the mirror from #1 with the artwork #3 . Colorful plus that mirror would make the whole room…☺️. Yes, please do more!

  5. I like number 3 but might try artwork from #1. Or number 1 with rug from #3.
    Great to see different options. Bottom line, go with your heart and gut.

  6. I love everything about board number one. I think it’s really beautiful and I especially like how the rug pulls it all together.

  7. I like 1 & 3. Both area rugs are good. Love the nudes in 1 and like the artwork in 3, but the artwork in 3 is too similar to each other – almost looks like the same thing, wish they were more different. Just my opinion.

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