DIY Faux Embroidery Lampshade

This is an easy tutorial showing you how to make a faux embroidery lampshade.
 DIY faux embroidered lampshade - So Much Better With Age

I am so excited about today’s post! I’m part of the 2nd Annual DIY Lampshade challenge! sent me a plain white lampshade to decorate any way I wanted. For some reason, I knew exactly how I wanted to decorate it!

For some time now, I’ve had an image of a throw pillow that I wanted to try to replicate so I thought I’d give it a whirl on the lampshade and it turned out beautifully!

I’ll show you how I made this intricately designed faux embroidered lampshade!

A neutral lampshade with white embroidery.

Can you believe this wasn’t embroidered? First of all, I don’t know how to embroider or even what it entails. I basically just figured out a way to do it with cording and a hot glue gun.

The DIY lampshade on a side table beside the couch.

Here is the boring white lampshade. Although, knowing me I love neutral so much I probably would have just lived with this one, ha!

 A white lampshade on the floor.

Here’s what you’ll need for this project:


  • linen fabric
  • lampshade
  • scissors or fabric cutter
  • hot glue gun
  • adhesive fabric spray
  • white fancy cording


1. First, measure out your fabric leaving at least 1 inch extra on the top and bottom of your lampshade.

Cutting the linen fabric for the lampshade.

2. I thought I had pinned this image on Pinterest but unfortunately, I did not, I had only printed it. This is the embroidered pillow I was talking about earlier. I figured out that it was actually two lines intertwined together. I followed with my black pen the first line I had to replicate.

Taking the design from the pillow, copying it onto tissue paper.

3. Using your eyeballs, figure out how to lay this cording on your fabric then hot glue into place. It’s kinda tricky. At first I played around with it and laid it down so I had an idea of where it would  go then I glued it down using my hot glue gun.

The white thread for the embroidery.

4. I glued only small sections down at a time.

Applying the hot glue to the white ribbon.

5. This is the first line done. Now you have to start at the top again and do the same thing but in the opposite direction. Confused yet?

Laying the cording desing onto the linen.

6. Once you have glued both intertwined lines of cording down, you need to put the fabric on the lampshade. First I used an adhesive spray. Spray the lampshade (not the fabric) in sections then wait 20 seconds (takes a bit to get sticky) then lay the fabric down and smooth it out. Make sure to leave an extra inch of fabric on top and bottom.

Applying the adhesive glue to the lamp shade.

7. Add a line of hot glue around the edges and smooth down.

Gluing down the linen onto the shade.

8. Once the fabric is all glued into place, cut the overhang fabric in 1 inch strips. Add a dab of hot glue to the lampshade and press a strip into it. Repeat for the top and bottom.

 Folding the fabric over onto the shade.

 And now you have your amazing DIY faux embroidery lampshade!

The lampshade with the embroidery on it.
 The beige lampshade with the white cording in the living room.
Close up picture of the the lampshade.
Lampshade picture with chair in background.

I absolutely love how it turned out!

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  1. Jamie, I love your lampshade! The white just pops against the linen – perfect!
    I’m in the contest too and wanted to drop in to tell you how beautiful your lampshade is! xo

  2. What a classy, classic lampshade, Jamie! I’m all about embroidered lampshades! I would love to do this on two lampshades I have in my bedroom! It’s so fun being in this challenge with you! You have such wonderful style!!!

  3. So pretty Jamie… love that embroidered look… so clever! I’m thrilled to be in this lampshade challenge with you!

    1. Thanks Tania! Okay, what kind of iron on fabric should I have used and would I iron it on the back? Thanks for the tip!

  4. So adorable!!! I can’t believe how simple you made this look. I would have never thought to do this and I am definitely trying this out. Thank you for sharing at Redouxinteriors!

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