DIY Scrap Fabric Backdrop {Vintage Equestrian Party}

 This weekend was my daughter’s 2nd birthday. I still can’t believe she’s 2. I know it’s such a cliché, but time goes by so fast!!

Her party was a Vintage Equestrian theme. No she didn’t request ‘vintage equestrian’ but she loves animals and I’m sure I’ll only have a few years to be able to decorate the way I want to. Actually, I’m pretty sure she’ll have her own request by next year. My son puts in his birthday party theme request about six months before his birthday!

Today I’m sharing with you how to make a scrap fabric backdrop.

And best part? It’s really easy to make!

DIY scrap fabric backdrop

{And in case you missed it, I got a new rustic side table!}

scrap fabric backdrop

 All you need for this project is:


  • twine
  • scrap fabric {at least two different types of fabric, I used bed linens for the floral fabric!}
  • scissors


scrap fabric tutorial


1. Fold over your fabric so you cut double at a time. The beige linen strips were longer than the floral strips. {I washed and dried my strips and they became a tangled mess afterwards. More work but you’ll get a nice fringe on the linen.}

2. Fold the fabric scrap over a long piece of twine and knot it in the middle. Then knot it again.

3. You might want to tie the ends of twine to table or chair legs to keep it straight while you’re knotting away.

fabric scraps

4. I did 2 floral strips then 1 linen strip. Keep knotting fabric over until you’re happy with how much you have. My project: 15 beige linen strips and 28 floral bedsheet strips.

birthday party backdrop

And that’s it! I hung the twine on three Command Strips over the party curtains I made last year.

fabric garland

I absolutely love how it turned out and I really want to make some more…I just need to find the time.

shabby chic party backdrop

Coming up soon…how to make your own party tablecloth and is that a new rug?

shabby chic party backdrop



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  1. Ok I love, no LOVE this swag! Then I took another look at the picture and I realized I LOVE the whole picture. Feel free to just box up that whole wall, sideboard, etc.. and send it to me. 🙂 So pretty!

  2. love it Jamie. I’ve been wanting to do one of these for a while, we are redoing my daughter’s room and seeing your fabric backdrop has sealed it. This is happening in her room!

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