DIY Vintage ‘Happy Easter’ Eggs + Video

How to make your own DIY vintage ‘Happy Easter’ eggs!

DIY Vintage Easter Eggs for a Happy Easter Garland - So Much Better With Age

Nothing makes my vintage loving heart pitter patter more than when I come across something putty coloured with vintage-y looking typewriter font.

I bought these Easter eggs from Pottery Barn years ago and wanted to see if I could recreate them. I used them recently in my Easter egg decor stick.

I’m also joining friends to share our Easter crafts and DIYs. Thank you Annie from Zevy Joy for organizing this blog hop! Be sure to check out all the crafts/DIYs at the end of this post.

The Easter eggs in a basket.

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Here is what you’ll need to make your vintage Happy Easter eggs:


Wooden Easter eggs and a power tool beside them.


1. Pre-drill the top of each egg with a screw and screwdriver. It’s best to put it in a vice or you can keep it in the egg carton to hold it while drilling.

2. Paint half of each egg (so you have room to hold it). Once dry, paint the other half. Let dry in a egg carton. I like the bit of texture both paints add to the eggs.

3. Following this same tutorial, print the download below on Avery backing paper or wax paper from your home printer. The ink doesn’t dry (or takes a long time to dry) on wax paper so be careful not to touch the ink or it will smudge and you’ll have to print it over again.

Eggs in a carton and some eggs on the table with inked letters on them.
Transferring the inked letters.

4. Cut out each letter and tape a letter to an egg rubbing a card over the letter to imprint the letter onto the egg. The letters are reversed so make sure they go on reversed. I almost put the E upside down.

The words Happy in ink spelled out on individual white sheets of transfer paper.
The egg with a Y letter to be transferred beside it.
Taping the letters onto the egg.

5. Using a fine tip Sharpie, color in the rest of the black letters on the egg. It doesn’t have to be perfect. The more ‘imperfect’ the better as you want to recreate the old typewriter font.

6. Screw an eyelet screw into the top of each egg and thread some jute twine through each screw.

Eyelet screws and twine.

I love the way they turned out!

Close up of the letters on the egg.
The egg garland in the nest.

I like these better than the PB ones as the eyelet screws are facing forward for easy hanging on a garland. These ones got a bit wonky and I had to add tape to the top of the stick.

The garland hanging up in the window.

Now you can hang them up on a stick for window decor.

Two bunnies in the nest beside the garland.

Or on something like the bunny sign that I made here.

The Easter eggs hanging up by a cut out bunny.

I hope you feel inspired to make your own vintage ‘Happy Easter’ eggs.

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DIY Happy Easter Eggs - So Much Better With Age

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  1. Jamie I am going to do this project – it turned out so pretty and can be decorated with in so many fun ways! Thanks so much for joining!!

    1. Thanks so much for your caring message, Pamela! I saw your message as soon as it came in but didn’t get a chance to respond until now. I have a lot of stuff going on right now but it’s good! I’ll be able to share soon 😉
      Hugs, Jamie

      1. Not a problem, I sure have enjoyed the chit chat…..that makes you more real , makes you more like a friend. I like that. 🙂 Thanks for the other website on French shopping. I subscribe to the site letter, I will be definitely ordering something maybe even a shopping tote! I so love them.

        1. Thanks Pamela! I totally get that, it’s nice to connect to a human being beyond the blog! I just found this little site: https://shoppcbhome.com and recently bought the little wooden vases. You can see them in my dining room post.
          Hugs, Jamie

          1. I noticed them in dining room post, they are so cool looking. Thanks for sharing the site I went and signed up. They have so many cool things. and she also teaches calligraphy class’s , I love calligraphy, I taught my self, and just have not done it in years so I’m really rusty. Love the website.

  2. Hi Jamie, I really like the eggs hanging from a “natural” rod suspended by the ribbon in your window. Natural decor is always my favorite. I have a question. The eggs on the rod in the large picture, (3rd from the bottom) in this post, are they PB eggs or eggs you made using your download? The font on the eggs in the picture looks a bit more “fuzzy” or vintage to me, I love that blurry vintage look, I can even make out an errant dot here and there. If they are PB eggs, I was wondering if there might be a way to achieve that look using your download? I’m thinking artist’s ink with a fine brush? Your crafting and decorating proficiency are 100% beyond my own, but my husband is pretty steady with brush and ink. If you think that would work, I’m always up for “begging”, “prodding” or “deal-making” with him. 🙂 As always, your creativity is so inspiring and I thank you for sharing your wonderful art!

    1. Hi Judy,
      Okay, it’s been a couple of years so I did that project and wrote the post so I had to look very carefully to find out 😉 I do think it’s the PB eggs that I used for that post. It does look more fuzzy and I think if you were color it in like you mentioned using my tutorial it should work. Maybe just using dots and a fine tipped pen? Here is the tutorial on the stick garland if you need it:
      Have fun creating!
      Hugs, Jamie

  3. Thanks for helping me out with this one, Jamie. Using a fine tipped pen and dots is ingenious! I approached my husband with my brush and ink idea…well, he didn’t say, “yes- or no…”, he just kind of winced. I know he’ll go for the pen!
    Once again, your creativity overflows!

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