Easy DIY Space Art

This easy DIY space art is the perfect addition to add to the Industrial Space boy’s bedroom.
The space art on the wall above a grey armchair.

This is by far the easiest and most fun DIY ever. Me and my son had a ‘blast’ doing this art project together! We each made our own masterpieces so he has two now for his room. Because the mural in my son’s Industrial Space bedroom overtook one whole wall, I wanted to do something on the other walls that matched but not anything too crazy.

This easy space art is the perfect addition!

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1. Paint two coats of navy blue paint on the canvas, drying in between coats.

2. Mix a few tablespoons of white paint with equal amounts of water (1:1 ratio) with a chip brush.

A canvas with dark blue paint and white splatters on a drop sheet and paint brushes.

3. Wipe some of the white paint off on some paper towel then splatter the paint from the chip brush over the blue canvas. You can use your finger to brush against the brush to make splatters too. If you don’t brush paint off on the paper towel, you will get more blobs than tiny splatters on the canvas.

The completed painted canvas on the ground.

4. Allow to dry and hang on the wall!

The space art on top of a dark dresser in a boys room.

I’m really happy with how this art project turned out and more importantly, so is my son!

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  1. Hi Jamie!
    That’s so fun! I also love to create things with kids, especially our son, Adam who is about to turn 13 next week. Not long ago, we got him some plain black Vans and he and I painted them with a galaxy theme. He gets compliments on them every time he wears them to school. I’d love to show them to you (how do I do that?). Also, where did you get those black brackets for your son’s shelves?

    Thanks and keep creating & sharin’!

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