Floral Design and Photography Workshop

I have been practicing my floral design and photography and I am delighted with the results!

Floral Design and Photography Workshop.

About a month ago I shared with you about the floral styling and photography workshop Tracey Ayton and Alice de Crom from Floralista were having. I was so excited to attend as I’ve been focusing on improving my photography skills this year as well as trying all things creative.

There is really nothing better than spending time with a group of creative women and learning from each other. I couldn’t wait to play with floral designs!

The whole day was set aside for just that and a beautiful feast as well.

Welcome to Table Top Workshop written on a blackboard that is framed.

Let me show you how this beautiful day unfolded.
The morning started with coffee, tea and yummy lemon cake, banana bread, cookies and fruit.

We were able to eat a bit while getting to know each other better.

 Cakes, flowers, fruits on vintage table with a knife in the cake.
Floral Design and Photography Workshop / cake on cake stand - So Much Better With Age
Cucumber water in a drink dispenser.

The workshop took place in Tracey’s gorgeous house and started with words from Alice and Tracey.

 Floral styling workshop with Floralista and Tracey Ayton.

Alice had brought in an enormous amount of gorgeous florals. As she described all the different flowers and foliage there was for us to choose from, she started to give us ideas of what types to start with and colours we wanted to pick. Of course my eye went towards all the neutral florals and beautiful foliage.

The kitchen island filled with flowers all different kinds.
Up close shot of pink, purple and green flowers on the kitchen island.
Floral Design and Photography Workshop / stunning roses - So Much Better With Age
Yellow, red. pink and gold flowers in the kitchen.

A beautiful field guide was given to each attendee so we didn’t have to take notes and was a gorgeous keepsake to take home.

Table top workshop field guide book.

Alice had placed some chicken wire into pots and then showed us how she creates her beautiful flower arrangements.

Beautiful pots or urns with chicken wire in them.
Learning how to pot plants with a demonstration.
Standing at the kitchen island styling the flowers.

Here is the stunning end result.

She has such a talent in creating gorgeous, whimsical floral designs.

A large floral arrangement on a wooden stool.
Up close of the individual flowers.

After, we got to work on our own flower designs and here is mine. I’m actually quite surprised how happy I was with the result. Alice made it all seem so easy with her step-by-step process.

Jamie sitting on the outside stairs holding her floral arrangement.
The floral arrangement on the outside patio.
Everyones floral arrangements outside on the patio lined up.

Then we got to work photographing our pretty floral designs around Tracey’s house. Tracey went around and worked one on one with us to master our photography skills.

The arrangement on a wooden post.
Taking pictures of the floral arrangements outside.
A beautiful pink and green floral arrangement.
Up close of the flowers.

While we were busy making floral arrangements and photographing them, Nerissa Goco of The New Domestic was in the kitchen putting together this beautiful and delicious feast.

 Charcuterie board, pasta dish, and beautiful cheese.
The charcuterie board on the table outside.
A large bowl of pasta and bread.
There is bread bows and apricots on the table.
A birds eye view of the charcuterie board.
Setting the table with blue napkins.
Everyone taking photographs of the table.

It was so nice to have the workshop in Tracey’s house. It was so personable and relaxing and her house was just stunning. Her design has a gorgeous, slight coastal flair which is so fitting as her home is near the ocean.

The white kitchen with marble counters.
A white fireplace in the living room.
A wooden table with the remnants of the floral workshop.
The outdoor view of the house and wooden table.

It was a beautiful full day of learning, chatting and eating. So. Much. Fun.

Here is a group shot taken by Tracey.

A large group picture of all the people taking the course.

Back row L to R: Giovanni Perot-Averill | Noriko Nagami | Jacquie Alarie | Sheryl Spencer | Emma Toews | me! | Claire Roy

Front row L to R: Amber Bull | Tina | Crystal Williams-Rocha| Tracey Ayton |Nerissa Goco | Monika Hibbs | Alice de Crom

Workshop-gift-basket - So Much Better With Age

We were also given this gorgeous gift basket of goodies to take home along with our floral designs.

Sponsors: Cookies from Claire Spencer Bakes | Seeds from Strathcona 1890 | Tote bag & wool slippers from The New Domestic | Saison beer from Four Winds Brewing Co. | Terracotta pots, vases and florist clippers from Floralista |Organic aromatherapy spray from Spirit Sister | Photography goods from Beau Photo Supplies | Professional printing discounts from The Lab Vancouver

Thank you so much ladies for the amazing day.

My only question is…when is the next one?

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  1. Ah Jamie,

    These photos are UHMAZING!!!! It’s really neat to see someone else’s point of view on things. Your photography is perfect and you have such a good eye for detail. Thank you also for making my home look cozy and inviting. My backyard has never looked better than through your lens. Thank you so much for coming, I really am looking forward to having more workshops for all kinds of things. Alice and Nerissa were seriously the best people to work with. We are pleased with how it all turned out. BTW, your site and blog look amazing ….. beautiful work. Can’t wait to hang out with you soon.

    xo T

    1. Tracey! You are way too kind to say. That’s an amazing compliment coming from such an amazing photographer as yourself. It was such an amazing, creative day that wasn’t rushed. Just so much fun. I hope you do more! Yes, can’t wait to see you soon!
      Hugs, Jamie

  2. Oh, I’m so jealous! I saw this workshop and SO wanted to go. It looks like you had such an amazing time. I love your floral arrangement!

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