Frame Art Without A Matte

I will show you how you can frame your art without using a matte in this easy simple tutorial.

Frame artwork without matte - So Much Better With Age
I’m always looking for an easy way to frame artwork especially without using a matte.
I also have many postcards that I’ve collected over the years from some of my travels and never know what to do with them.
I love framing them but the mattes are expensive and sometimes hard to find the right size.
This is a very easy alternative to buying mattes.
Let me show you in this tutorial how to frame postcards without using a matte!
Frame artwork without a matte / postcard and water-colour paper - So Much Better With Age
 Here is my framed postcard. And there is no matte!
Can you believe I just used a piece of watercolor paper?
Frame artwork without a matte / finished picture of framed artwork - So Much Better With Age
I had three old white frames. I spray painted them a flat black. Each frame is actually a bit different but the color makes them look the same.
Frame art without matte / pictures hanging in bedroom - So Much Better With Age
All you need is some of this watercolor paper from your arts and crafts store.
I got this one at Michael’s.
Frame art without matte / water-colour paper from Michaels - So Much Better With Age
Place a postcard on top of a sheet of watercolor paper. Glue or tape into place. Then just pop it in a frame! It’s that easy!
Frame art without using matte / placing the postcard on top of the paper - So Much Better With Age
Frame art without using matte / up close picture of beautiful frames - So Much Better With Age
These types of frames are the ones that stand up on their own but you can still hang them on a wall. I tied some jute rope to the back. I left it a bit loose so you can see the rope when hung on the wall. It gives it a bit of a rustic look.
Frame art without using matte / tying rope on the back of the picture - So Much Better With Age

I like how they turn out. Although I might be moving these to another part of my house one day soon.

Frame art without using matte / pictures hanging above the bed - So Much Better With Age

Yep, the decorating never ends!

Frame art without using matte / 3 pictures hanging on wall - So Much Better With Age

I hope you try framing your own artwork without a matte!


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  1. I love these! Great idea! I totally cheated in Landry’s nursery with her vintage nursery rhyme prints and didn’t use mats! So expensive! I love those postcards!!

  2. Water color paper is an excellent backing paper as it’s nice and strong with a great texture. Your post cards look great in your frames, which I love for the embossing on them. Very nice. You were very clever to use water color paper.
    I use watercolor paper for so many things, it’s very versatile, can cut it easily enough and looks nice with objects. I was making a wood flag for 7/4, had intended to stencil stars on the blue field but I seem to make a mess, after working so hard to keep the stripes and star field neat I decided not to take a chance on messing it up. I traced a star shape off my stencil onto watercolor paper and glued them on the star field instead. I think the little raise of the stars helps to make the flag look little nicer. It turned out nicely, instead of having to worry about messing it up with paint. I know my faults and steady hand is not always one of them, steady eyes either. Hope somebody else loves my flag also. Happy Summer

  3. Hi Jamie – I love this! I collect old postcards and really need to frame some of them, so this inspiration and how-to is perfect! Thank you so much for sharing at Best of the Weekend and hope you join us every week. Will be pinning to our board. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Love these, Thank you so much for linking up to my linky party. Hope to see more from you next time.

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