French Yogurt Jar Candles

How you can turn a French yogurt jar into a beautiful candle holder for your table setting.

French yogurt jars on the table.

As you know, I was in France this year for Heather Bullard’s The Academy. Ah-mazing.

I have taken back home with me one of Heather’s table ideas.

It’s so simple, diverse and beautiful for any table setting. And yes it involves French yogurt jars as the title suggests.

 Jars with epsom salts and candles in them in front of a gold mirror.

How beautiful are these glass candle holders that were once French yogurt jars?
The last night of The Academy was a magnificent dinner in this old stone barn on the property of the chateau.

You may remember some of the photos where we had to walk here to get to our Academy classes.

An old French barn with a table set for dinner.

You can see all the little votive candles scattered across the table in these beautiful glass jars.

We all asked Heather where she purchased them and she said they are just yogurt jars.

Yogurt jars with candles on the table in the barn in France.

What? The French sells yogurt in pretty glass jars? Of course they do!

The French are obsessed with their yogurt and after you taste it you understand why. It’s so delicious!

Jars of yogurt on a shelf in France.

I thought I must take this idea home with me but I took it one step further. I added epsom salts to the jars and stuck in tall taper candles in staggered heights.

 French yogurt jars, candles, epsom salts on the table.
The jars with white candles on a wooden table.
Yogurt jar candles in from of a gold antique mirror.

I ate a lot of yogurt those two weeks and I kept all the little jars.

In fact, I bought quite a few and still had some in the mini hotel fridge and on the way to the airport started frantically eating them so I could stash the delicate glass jars in my suitcase.

Gold mirror, mora clock, candles, glass jars .

(Update:  I recently found these yogurt jars at my local Whole Foods store – wish I would have known that sooner!)

A wooden shelf with candles, a Woden cake stand, dried flowers on it.

They look so good on my showstopping fall dining room table this year.

Hydrangeas and white pumpkins linen tablecloth.
Hydrangeas, white pumpkins on the table with a pink tablecloth.
White plates and ruffled placemats on the table.

We just celebrated our Canadian Thanksgiving last night and they were the perfect touch.

The candles lit on the dining room table.

But I’ll always love that rustic table in that old barn in France a little bit more.

A linen napkin with Jamie on it.

Hope you try this simple decorating tip!

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  1. Envious that yours came from France!! I love these little jars. Remember the ones at Haven breakfasts. Now I know what to call them when I try to find some to order!

    1. Thanks Connie! I found some at Whole Foods. I’ve heard other people say Trader Joe’s have them. I’m in Canada so I don’t have a Trader Joe’s 🙁 These ones I brought back from France 😉
      Hugs, Jamie

  2. I love so many things about this post. I need to get some of those jars and add some twine for a coastal vibe! Thanks for sharing (again), Jamie! (Visiting from Style Showcase… Pinning to my DIY Dreams Board).

  3. Hello
    just to let you know that the Riviera yogurts are made in the province of Quebec but were inspired by the Swiss and French yogurts. Glad to see that you get them elsewhere in Canada!
    They also sell small pots of butter with a cap. So Good!

  4. Hello, I’ve been collecting those little yogurt jars ’cause they were just too cute to throw away and knew they could be re-used for something fun. Surely the French yogurt was more delicious ! Thanks for your creative and lovely idea.

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