Glass Easter Jars with Bunny Ears + Video

Glass Easter Jars with Bunny Ears are the cutest thing to make this Easter.

Glass Easter Jars with Bunny Ears and easter eggs inside.

I love pretty, pastel colours so Easter is the perfect time to make some cute DIY craft projects.

I used my favorite jam jars and painted some mini clay pots to look like they have a natural patina.

I also added some adorable miniature bunny toys with green moss in the jars.

Some Easter eggs, moss and ribbons and this jar is officially an Easter globe!

Glass Easter Jars with Bunny Ears jar with fake carrot on table beside it.

Let me show you how I made these adorable glass Easter jars with bunny ears.

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The jars and easter eggs, plastic animals on the table laid out.


Patina Pots

  1. Mix 1 teaspoon (or 1 part) Fresco with 2 teaspoon (or 2 parts if making a lot) of Fusion Mineral paint. Mix together keeping it a bit lumpy.
  2. Paint on the clay pots leaving some clay showing through. The texture should be lumpy in parts.
  3. Brush on a bit of the green color to add a bit of dimension. You can add green without or without Fresco.

Here are some larger sample pots I was painting.

Painting the pots a greige colour.

4. Add some styrofoam or floral foam to each pot.

Putting styrofoam into each little pot.

5. Add a dab of hot glue and push in some spanish moss.

Adding moss to the pots with the styrofoam.

6. Snip some eggs of the floral spray leaving some of the metal poking out of the egg for pushing in to the pot. If you can’t find these Easter egg sprays, you can just glue in mini Easter eggs.

Snipping the fake Easter eggs off the branches.
The colourful eggs on the table.

7. Add a dab of hot glue to the metal stick before pushing in to the pot.

The pretty eggs in each pot.

Easter Jars with Bunny Ears

1.Cut out sheet moss to fit on the bottom of each jar. I made sure the moss was a snug fit so it didn’t need gluing into place.

Clear glass jars sitting on moss.
Cutting out the moss for the jars.
Putting the moss into the clear jars.

2. Put a dab of hot glue on the bottom of the clay pot and push onto the moss then add your bunny. My bunny didn’t need gluing as it was nicely wedged into place. If you find you have more room in your jar, then put a dab of hot glue on the bottom of your bunny before placing it on the moss.

Adding the pots with Easter eggs into the jars.

3. Next cut ribbon about 8 inches long and fold each end over twice about a 1/4 inch. Add a thin line of hot glue under the fold making sure to not burn your fingers.

Cutting ribbon to make the bunny ears.

4. Add another line of hot glue to the top of that folded edge and press onto the side of the jar near the top (where the screw marks are on the jars). Repeat for the other side of the ribbon.

Gluing the ribbon to the top of the jars.

5. Tie some baker’s twine in the middle of the ribbon and knot it.

A spool of twine beside the jars.
Tying the twine onto the ribbon.

6. Tie it in a bow and cut the extra off.

Tying the twine into a bow on the ribbon.

7.  Wrap twine around the jar and tie tightly into place making sure the knot is in the middle. Cut the extra twine off.

Wrapping the twine around the rim of the glass jars.

You’re now ready to display your adorable glass Easter jar with bunny ears!

You can add them to an Easter table like this Peter Rabbit inspired Easter table I created.

Decorated glass jars for Easter.
Glass Easter Jars with Bunny Ears / pretty decorated glass jars on table.

They are the most adorable Easter jars, aren’t they?!

I hope I’ve inspired you to make your own Easter jars with bunny ears.


Check out this short video on my Peter Rabbit inspired Easter table where I showcase this DIY project:

Make sure to pin it for later!

Easter Jars with Bunny Ears - So Much Better With Age poster.

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  1. I think these are just the cutest things. I don’t have anyone coming though for Easter dinner. But will keep this in mind for next time.

  2. These are so adorable Jamie and so great for an Easter table. Funny, for some reason I thought Bonne Mamam jam was made here in Quebec, but you are right, it’s made in France.

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