Glass Jar Chalkboard Labels

These labels for your kitchen glass jars keep you organized and they are pretty too!

Glass Jar Chalkboard Labels/kitchen glass jars - So Much Better With Age

I love having glass jars in my kitchen for items like sugar, flour and hot chocolate. They look pretty and are convenient to get at for baking and just everyday cooking.

You can tell what’s inside them and can see how low you are getting on supplies.

But sometimes it can get confusing as to what is in the jar if they are the same color.

Glass Jar Chalkboard Labels/kitchen canisters - So Much Better With Age

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I was going to paint a square on them with chalkboard paint and then write on them but then I came across these chalkboard labels and all my problems were solved!

You can write on the labels with chalk or with the white chalk marker that the labels come with.

Glass Jar Chalkboard Labels/canisters on kitchen counter - So Much Better With Age

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Hope this post was helpful for you to label your glass kitchen jars with chalkboard labels.

Make sure to pin it for later!

Glass Jar Chalkboard Labels graphic- So Much Better With Age

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  1. I thought this post was going to explain how to PAINT the labels onto the canisters! This is so much better! I hope I can find them where I live. They look awesome.

  2. Whoa! I had no idea you could buy premade chalkboard labels! I have been in a dilemma with storing things like flour and sugar without having them sitting around in their little bags in the cabinets. I love them sitting out on the counter in the glass jars! I would love to share this on my blog next week if you don’t mind.
    Elizabeth @ Real Inspired

  3. Mind blowing indeed. I just got your newsletter today (a little over 5 years after the post was first published). The newsletter has a link to this post and the post has the link I’ve been looking for these last few months. I bought some large canisters for my flour, sugar, etc that came with some labels, but I have more canisters and other items than labels… hence the need for more labels. Thanks a bunch. I bought a packge of 96 labels… and Amazon is showing me even more options.

    1. Yes!! It’s one of my oldest posts! I nearly deleted it altogether and thought well maybe someone might find it still useful. I’m so glad it helped you!
      And lol on the 96 labels! That’s the only one I could find that was the same as mine but I’m sure you can find many uses for them.
      Hugs, Jamie

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