Home Style Saturdays

We’re back again for another Home Style Saturdays! I can’t believe how quickly each week goes by. It’s already fully into fall and I’m thinking of Christmas already.

I’m volunteering for a craft event at my kid’s school so it’s totally gotten me into Christmas already. I know, I know…too soon!

I’ve also had a very good, insightful week. I’m always learning and finding better ways of coping and growing as a person. This week has been full of that. Lots of exploration into the soul and I’ve unlocked some things from my past I didn’t realize before and it’s helping my present. Not major things but I guess major to me. I love always learning and growing, don’t you?

I also love finding beauty in the everyday. That’s why I love sharing with you inspiration from me and my friends. It’s not just to show you another pretty picture. It’s to gain inspiration from and find beauty in. I find it soothing to the soul to find beauty anywhere we can.

I hope you can stop for a moment today and enjoy a peaceful moment for yourself on this beautiful Saturday. My prayers go out to all my American southern friends that are in need or in trouble. Please be safe everyone.

Home Style Saturdays

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Happy weekend!

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