How New Baseboards, Trim and Doors Make a Huge Difference

Today I’m sharing all the trim, baseboard, doors and door handle details in my house.

White door and black handle and walls with white desk with gold trim and gold chair.

My house is late 80s and I would say one of the biggest upgrades that we made was with the baseboards, trim, doors and railings.

I would say this is on the most look over parts of a home renovation and it’s understandable. It doesn’t seem like it would make a big impact, it’s messy and it can be costly but by showing you my before and after photos I hope you can see the big difference it makes when upgrading your home.

Railings and Bannisters

Here is a photo of the staircase during the renovation. It’s a very typical design and a little too much for this small space. I wanted something cleaner looking.

Photo of staircase being renovated.

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You can see the instant upgrade the new railing made to this entire staircase.

(I have engineered wood flooring on the main level and upstairs hallway and office but I opted for carpet for the stairs so no one slipped. You can see my home sources here.)

Patterned carpet on stairs.

baseboards and door trim

The baseboards and trim were also replaced throughout the house. In the old kitchen photo below, you can see how the usual trim was used. It’s small and the profile is too detailed for such a thin trim.

Before photo of kitchen from 1980s.

The sleek, bigger baseboards now add an impact to the space at 5.5 inches.

The trim around the door frames and windows are 3.5 inches.

Huge mora clock next to a hallway with lots of big trim and baseboards.

Window Trim

What was really shocking to me was that there was window NO trim previously in our house. I thought this was so odd until I noticed it in other homes too! But now that I’ve seen it, I can’t unsee it, haha.

Before photo of bedroom with window and curtains and dresser.

There’s a window sill but not window trim and it makes the window look naked.

Before photo of dark brown bed.
Bathroom with two framed silhouettes and black and white tile.
Christmas decor in a big white kitchen with farmhouse sink and big window.

Doors and door handles

This bathroom was so sad with or without trim but look at what a difference a new door and glass doorknob makes!

Before photo of gross bathroom.
Powder room with glass doorknob on white door with grey vanity.

I wanted the powder room to have a special glass doorknob as our 100-year-old character home I previously owned had one on every bathroom as well.

I couldn’t find the exact doorknob online but this glass doorknob is similar.

Glass doorknob in bathroom with black and white floor tile.

I chose black lever handles for the other interior doors. All the door handles are from Emtek. I couldn’t find the exact one but the Spencer lever profile from Emtek looks most similar.

Close-up shot of black door handle on white door.

We made big changes to the front door too. I picked out a beautiful wooden door and had it painted ?

Old front door with half moon window at top.
Side view of black front door.
Black front door with sisal rug and boots sitting on the rug.

This is the door that leads to our garage that has been completely organized as a storage/workroom.

Old doors during a renovation.

The front door matches the interior doors of our house. Instead of the panel at the top there are three glass panels.

White interior door with crock next to it.

Another thing we added was removing the bifold doors in each bedroom with the same interior door and added closet organizers. I’m trying to track down before photos and will add them here when I do!

French Doors and Custom Roller Blinds

The back doors that were in the once family room now dining room were replaced with beautiful French doors.

French doors in dining room.

Also, on every window in our house, I added custom roller blinds with a beautiful cream linen-like fabric. I chose a thickness that some light was able to come through (not black out blinds) if I wanted to use them during the day as you can see in the photo below. And it’s also just the right thickness where anyone outside can’t see inside day or night.

I think these upgrades made a huge impact in my 80s house.

French doors with roller blinds rolled down.

I hope you can see how upgrading your baseboards, trim, doors, handles and railings makes a huge impact in your home.


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    1. Love the changes you made with new doors, handles, baseboard and trim, etc. What design style would you call your after changes?

      1. Hi Debra,
        Thank you! The baseboards and trim are definitely modern but the door is classic. How about a modern, classic look? Hope that helps!

    1. Hi JB,
      My contractor sourced them when I did my renovation and I can’t find anything similar online. A local blind installer in your area would know!

    1. Hi Melinda,
      I didn’t think I could find them online but I looked again and found some so I linked them at the end of the post!
      Hugs, Jamie

  1. Yes! I absolutely love, love, LOVE thick trim. It’s one of the things that sold me on my current home. Unfortunately my trim, doors, & builtins are all dark wood. I’m torturing myself about painting them. Floor trim is slowly getting painted a dove grey to coordinate with flooring but the rest… sigh.

    1. HI Mich,
      Painting trim is a long, laborious job, isn’t it? Ugh. If you are painting all the trim, a different color like the Dove Grey you mentioned looks so good with a white colored wall color.
      Good luck!
      Hugs, Jamie

  2. Looks great! We are in the process of doing this as well. I would have loved to change all the hardware, but the brushed nickel will do just fine. I am trying to go back and fill all the holes and caulk now. Then trim out the windows and paint the interior doors black! Exciting, but daunting too! Thanks for the motivation!

    1. Thanks Sam! Yes filling holes, caulking and painting is all daunting. It’s so worth it in the end, though, right?! Good luck!
      Hugs, Jamie

  3. Hi Jamie

    I am planning a similar update to the doors and trim throughout my house, which was built in 1972. I even plan to use the straight profile design, with 5-1/2” for baseboards and 3-1/2” for window and door trims.

    I have studied your photos and have 2 questions: 1). What are the actual thicknesses of both the door and baseboard trims? The door trim looks slightly thicker, and this seems attractive. 2). Also, are the window trim and tops of the door trims cut at 45 degree angles? I presume so and again this is attractive.

    Will appreciate your advise!

    1. Hi Mark,
      The thickness is 3/4″. Both the door and baseboard trims are the same thickness. And yes all the trimwork corners are cut on a 45 deg angle.
      Hope this helps!

      1. Thanks Jamie!

        The 45 deg trim work joints are all but invisible, but you see a clear joint at the door trim base and floor molding – and it looks to me like the door trim is just slightly proud. Maybe the door jambs are slightly proud.

        Now I can’t wait to update my house using the same approach as you!

      2. I love the look of the trim, I’m in the process of redoing ours and your post has provided so much help. One question, on the trim are the edges a little rounded? I can’t seem to tell 100%. Thank you

  4. Hi Jamie,

    The pictures of your home are beautiful – I am inspired. We are moving into a new home soon and plan to replace floors and baseboard to start. For the trim, what material did you use? MDF or some kind of solid wood? Thanks!

  5. Amazing differences with the installment of trim. This is very inspiring for my upcoming DIY remodel! First, I’ll be starting with the cabinets and then moving on the baseboards in the hallways.

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