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Kid’s Picnic Table Makeover – How to Paint Over Rotten Wood

I gave this kid’s picnic table a makeover by painting over the rotten wood. Let me show you the steps on how I did it.

A little green picnic table with a a bucket of flowers on top.

Do you have an outdoor piece of furniture or maybe parts of your house where the wood is rotten?

I bought this little kids’ picnic table at a garage sale and I didn’t realize that some parts on the table were rotten. Because it’s just a picnic table for the kids, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money repairing it so after some quick research, I realized I could repair it easily myself and I’m so happy with the results!

I’m also participating in an Outdoor Extravaganza hosted by my friend Shauna of Satori Design Living. Today we’re sharing with you our Paint and Build It Projects so be sure to see more projects at the end of this post.

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1. Prepare the picnic table (or whatever your project is) by power washing the old paint off or giving it a good sanding. The photo below is after it’s been power washed. Let it completely dry before the next step.

An unpainted picnic table on the patio.

2. Fix any rotting wood parts with a wood hardener/epoxy. This will ensure the the rotting stops and also hardens the wood at the same time. We used some on the bottom of the feet where the wood sits in the ground and was rotting.

Kids' Picnic Table on a drop sheet outside on the patio.

3. Paint a good coat of primer everywhere on the wood getting into all the cracks and crevices and underside (this brush works great for getting into tight corners). The primer also acts as a sealant against harsh weather elements. Let dry.

The first coat of paint on the small picnic table.

4. Paint two coats of paint letting dry in between coats.  I used an exterior semi-gloss.

The paint color I used is called Endive from Canadian Tire.

The table painted a light green on the patio.

I was worried it might be too green with all the green happening in the backyard but I don’t think it competes at all. In fact, it looks amazing, and cohesive!

The small table on a striped patio deck.

It also looks great with our newly painted concrete patio slab!

A wooden bucket filled with hydrangeas on the picnic table.
Up close picture of purple hydrangeas in a wooden bucket.

Saving this rotten wooden picnic table with paint is the best! The kids love their new outdoor picnic table.

Be sure to visit my other Canadian friends to see what paint and build it projects they’ve done.

Make sure to pin it for later!

How to Paint Over Rotten Wood graphic.

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    1. Thanks Carol! I just posted the other day how to paint those stripes on the patio. I’m loving how it turned out!
      Hugs, Jamie

  1. Love love love, this little picnic table, it would make a perfect plant stand, or to use on porch to showxase some jack o lanterns!! Also love your painted patio rug, amazing!!

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