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How to Paint Stripes Like an Outdoor Rug on Patio Concrete Slab

Learn how to paint stripes like an outdoor rug on a patio concrete slab from this detailed tutorial!

How to Paint Stripes Like an Outdoor Rug on a Concrete Slab graphic.

I really wanted to replace the patio and front driveway when I moved into this house but with the extensive renovation done inside, there was no room in the budget. To live with this concrete slab in the meantime I thought it would be a good idea to paint it.

The concrete slab is probably original to the house (late 80s) and has settled and cracked in many places so let me show you how we fixed the couch cracks and painted it to update this old, ugly concrete slab into a beautiful striped outdoor rug.

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1. Use a power washer to wash off all the winter grime.

Power washing concrete patio in backyard.

Wow, what a difference just the power wash made!

And after the power wash, I got to work pulling all those overgrown weeds along the fence.

Concrete patio slab being power washed.

2. Once the patio is dry, seal the cracks with a concrete patching kit.

We used one like this premixed product.

Fill the large cracks with a putty knife or trowel and if you have gaps in between the slab and the house like I did, you’ll want to fill that too to make a nice, neat finish.

The concrete being patched with a wicker chair on it.
Clean concrete patio with furniture in grass in backyard.

3. Once the concrete patching is completely dry, it’s time to prime the concrete slab.

Check the directions on the tub to see how long it takes to dry (usually 12-24 hours). After it’s completely dry, paint two coats of primer, drying well in between coats.

I used my favorite Zinsser 1-2-3 Primer with a grey tint.

A clean concrete slab ready to be painted.

4. Measure out the stripes.

I thought stripes in a horizontal pattern would be best since there was one large crack in the middle f the concrete slab.

That crack is an actual separation of the two poured slabs so we didn’t fill that one with the concrete patch mix. Instead I measured each section and divided the stripes equally from that middle crack.

The slab nearest the yard was 84 inches long so 21 inch wide stripes worked out perfectly.

I made sure to continue the 21 inch wide stripes on the slab closest to the front of the house starting from the middle crack again. There was one skinny stripe closest to the house which was better than a weirdo skinny stripe in the middle of the slab.

Using two tape measures, measure out 21 inches (or whatever your stripe width is) at the top and bottom and leave the tape measures there. Using a chalk line, snap the twine into place. It should leave a nice chalky line where you can lay your painter’s tape next to.

Using the measuring tape to paint the stripes.

5. Decide which stripe color to paint first and lay down painter’s tape.

After we decided which stripes we were going to paint first (the darker ones), we put painter’s tape on along the OUTSIDE of the chalk lines to where we were painting.

Putting painter's tape on patio.

Here’s a graphic that might help you (or confuse you more).

It’s really not that confusing once you figure it out in your mind but I needed to make sure you didn’t mess this part up.

Laying down the tape in the correct way is essential to making perfect stripes!

A written layout of how the stripes sholud be painted.

6. Paint first color stripe with two coats, drying in between coats.

Then we painted all the dark stripes and used a smaller foam brush to cut in close to the edges.

Painting along the grass was fun (not!).

We used Armour Coat Porch & Floor paint in Storm Sky (dark stripe) and Mushroom (light stripe) from Canadian Tire’s Premier Paints line. If you are not near a Canadian Tire, the slate grey and silver grey would be great alternating colors in this porch and patio paint here.

Grey stripes on concrete.

This light stripe you see is still the primer, we haven’t painted the lighter color yet.

Painting stripes on concrete with a wooden fence beside it.

7. Once dry, peel off painter’s tape and lay down new strips of painter’s tape right over the paint you just painted but lined up to the edge.

Again, it sounds confusing but you’ll get it once you start painting. You want to make sure there’s no gap in between the light and dark coloured paint.

And you’re done!

Because we essentially put four coats of paint on the concrete slab, we think it’s good. The lighter color looks almost white even thought it’s a light grey and there’s already been scuffs and dark on it and it just washes away with a hose. No marks left so far!

A picnic table on the painted concrete with flowers in a wooden box.

I have two active kids that were running through the sprinkler and then ran all over the patio (and into the house!) with mud and grass on their feet. Thankfully the paint is very resistant and durable so there were no stains left behind after a quick hose down.

If anything, I find I’m just sweeping more than washing this slab.

There’s so many different colours you can choose to make your striped outdoor rug. You can definitely have some fun with it.

A kids picnic table with a bucket of flowers on it.

I hope this has inspired you to update your concrete patio slab and make it into an outdoor patio rug this summer.

Happy painting friends! You can see how well the patio has held up one year later (2019 update: still amazing!)

Check out my short video on how to paint stripes on concrete:

Make sure to pin it for later!

DIY Painted Concrete Slab graphic.

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  1. Wow, that looks great! It is so sweet that your boyfriend likes doing projects with you! It is a good idea to date someone that likes and is willing to help with your projects. There are some things that having a man to help is wonderful.

    1. Thank you, Shelly. Yes, it’s so, so nice to have a partner that enjoys the same things and is helpful and supportive at the same time. I’m truly blessed.
      Hugs, Jamie

  2. Jamie it’s stunning. A perfect example of how DIY can completely transform a space with a little elbow grease and thought. I’m getting ready to paint and stencil my kids bath wood floors so your post hits close to home.

    1. Hi Jaime! So nice to hear from you. I know! Paint is amazing. I cannot wait to see your wood floor transformation. I’m sure it will be amazing as always 😉
      Hugs, Jamie

  3. Wow , the patio rug painted on looks great!!! I totally agree with you it’s nice to have a partner who works along side of you and supports you in your business.

    1. Thank you Pamela! Yes, it’s so very nice to have a partner that likes doing the same things as me and is so helpful and supportive.
      Hugs, Jamie

  4. Your patio looks fantastic! I really like the look of the stripes. Our patio (and deck) could use some love – I hadn’t thought about painting the patio until now!

  5. How did the paint hold up after a year? This is beautiful! I would love to do this but I’m worried the paint would chip, etc..

    1. Hi Danielle,
      It’s done amazing! I’m actually a bit surprised. I thought the white would be brown but it looks the same. There is some mossy spots all around it so we’re going to get a power washer soon and wash it off and I’m going to do a 1 year review post on it in May sometime. I’m so, so happy with my painted stripes.
      Hugs, Jamie

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