How to Patch Drywall + Home Decor Techniques That Fool the Eye

In this tutorial I will show you an easy way to patch drywall and give you some home decor techniques that will fool the eye!

How to patch drywall and home decor techniques that fool the eye.

There are so many things you learn really quickly when you do a home renovation especially when it involves patching drywall!

It’s been five years since we moved in and there are still things that annoy me.

It was time to finally fix this one.

It involved cutting drywall and patching it.

Read more about how I decorated by tricking the eye and how I patched drywall.

A before picture of the drywall before being patched.

So here is where the problem started. At a glance, there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong.

But do you know why I have so many mirrors on the wall? Other than the fact that I kinda like it like that, the three pretty mirrors are there to trick the eye.

A small bathroom with a mirror on the wall surrounded by smaller mirrors.

Here’s the problem. It’s nearly impossible to take the photo straight on because the bathroom is so narrow but the light fixture is not in line with the faucet and it annoyed me to no end.

I had the vanity custom made and even though it was smaller than the old vanity, it was still going to line up centre to the light fixture. How? Well I wanted the vanity to look like a piece of furniture free standing but instead the trades butted the vanity up against the far left wall.

AND they had the plumber move the plumbing line for the faucet to fit the custom vanity.

I wasn’t on site the day they installed it! Grrr

So the vanity is butted up against the far left wall and there’s a huge gap by the toilet….


It’s enough to pull your hair out in frustration!

Using a diagram model to show the issue with the bathroom.

Can you tell it annoyed me?

This summer we finally replaced the last few 80s light fixtures that we never replaced five years ago during our big reno and had an electrician come over for a day.

Then I had him replace the one in the powder room.

He said it was going to leave a huge hole.

I know, I told him. I even tried to find a light fixture that was really long that would cover up the hole but no such luck.

I told him, just do it!

So for months I lived with this hole. I even did a post with some bathroom updates and the hole was in the photo (oops! wonder if anyone noticed?).

An arrow pointing out the hole in the wall.

(See? There’s a big enough gap that it fits an entire shelving unit!)

How To Patch Drywall

So let’s get to work.

First I turned the electricity off on the electrical panel to the bathroom as I needed to unscrew the new light fixture as it was in the way of the hole.

Removing the light fixture to show the exposed hole.

Next I gathered my drywall patching supplies.

You’ll need wall compound or drywall spackle, a putty knife and a drywall repair patch.

(I’ve also used a scrap piece of drywall before but I did not have any one hand and I love these drywall patches!)

The supplies needed to patch the drywall.

Make sure your piece of patch is slightly larger than the hole. You can cut it down if you  need to.

A piece to patch the hole in the wall.

One side is adhesive so take off the white backing and stick over the hole.

The drywall patch over the hole in the wall.

 Using a putty knife and drywall spackle/compound, put a thin layer of compound over the patch feathering out the edges. Wait for it to dry.

Add another thin layer and allow to dry.

Add a third thin layer until you can no longer see the patch.

After 24 hours (or depending on the compound, read instructions on the package), sand the area smooth making sure the edges blend into the wall nicely. I used fine grit sandpaper (or whatever I had on hand).

Mudding and then sanding the area.

 Drywall sand makes an enormous mess (it’s my nightmare) so vacuum up the dust and wipe the area clean before prepping for paint.

And now…finally…after five years…my light fixture lines up with my faucet!!!!

And I still have to trick the eye with the gap between the vanity and the toilet *sigh*

But I do love that rustic shelf.

An antique mirror now in the bathroom and the drywall hole is gone.

Have any drywall holes that need patching?

You can do it!

Please note: this entire DIY was done by me, myself and I, no husband help whatsoever. Just had to say it 😉

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  1. My OCD would have drove me insane over that offset light fixture! I ABSOLUTELY agree with needing to be on sight everyday with a home build, as 4 years ago we bought a home and completely gutted it to only a shell. Always amazed at how contractors will try and cut corners or just do sloppy work to get the job done cheaper or quicker! There were times when I came to the sight and MADE them completely change something or refix something they did!!! At one point I asked the head coordinator, “wouldn’t you save more money if you just did the job right the first time, because you know I am coming to inspect it and if its not like we discussed, you will be changing it, from you costs, not mine!” LOL.
    Love that shelving though you put in the “dead space”. Have a great week ahead!

  2. Oh, I love this post! I feel your frustration! My husband and I built our home almost 30 years ago and the original plans called for just one porch light to the right of our front door. We decided we wanted to change that to two lights, one on either side of the door and the electrician was informed. The problem was he didn’t inform his crew so… guess who has lived with one porch light all these years! Anyway I do love the shelving unit in your bathroom, it looks great. Thanks for all your inspiration and for making me smile today.

  3. Maybe someday you’ll be able to move the vanity where you wanted it, move the plumbing and put the shelf sideways to the left of the vanity. Of course, you will have to probably move the light fixture 😉 I feel your pain!

  4. I am so thankful for this tutorial!!! I live in a 30 plus year old home and it needs lots of drywall repair. Now I can do it myself. Thank you Jaime!!!

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