How to Sew (Pink Ticking) Curtains

This is an easy tutorial on how to sew curtains that I made for daughter’s room.

How To Sew Curtains, with the curtains hanging up.

Welcome back to part two of One Item Project Challenge, how to sew curtains!

Last week I showed you how to make a Twig Heart.

All items I’m making during this series is for my daughter’s room in our not-so-rustic cabin in the woods.

I decided to make curtains with this beautiful pink ticking fabric from Online Fabric Store.

It’s a bit challenging as our beautiful rustic cabin is a couple of hours away and of course I remembered my sewing machine but forgot my camera!

So please excuse the bad iPhone photos, my bad.

How To Sew Curtains - pretty pink curtains poster.

I love to make curtains. I’ve made all the curtains in our home with blackout lining.

But this sewing tutorial I’m showing you today is a simple curtain tutorial.


1. I started with 10 yards of pink ticking fabric and cut it half to make two curtain panels.

2. Measure the width of your window and length from curtain rod to floor. (I totally forgot about measuring the length last time I was at the cabin so I used a window at home to guess-timate.

3. Sew the vertical sides of the curtain panels first. Fold over a half inch and iron then fold over a half inch again, iron and stitch into place.

Folding the curtain before sewing.

The photo below shows the stitched curtain panel but you can’t tell with the white thread.

Showing where to fold the edge of the fabric for the curtains.

Okay, so this is the part in the tutorial where I would show you how to hem the bottom and the top and call it a day but my curtains turned out to be a bit too short. And by this time I’m already at the cabin!

What is a DIYer to do? Improvise, of course!

Luckily I brought up some scrap fabric (leftover from my daughter’s nurseryjust in case so I made a panel on the top of the curtains.

The tutorial continues…

4. To make a top panel, cut fabric the width of the curtain panel leaving seam allowance on both sides (about one inch).

5. Hem each side of the top panel by folding over a half inch, ironing and stitching in place.

6. Sew that extra panel to the top of your curtain panel.

7. Hem the bottom of the curtain panels the same as you did the vertical sides.

Sewing the curtains with the sewing machine.

8. Hang the curtain panels on the curtain rod and pin them into place. Then stitch!

I was hoping for more pretty fabric to play with but I had just enough!

Stitching the curtains together.

 Phew! I made it. Simple (okay, not so simple for me but will be for you) curtain panels.

The pink striped curtains hanging on the rod in the bedroom.

So here they are, in my daughter’s new Scandi-looking room.

(Yippee! New photos added!)

A little girls bedroom with the curtains hanging in them.
Pink curtains hanging in room with window.

There’s one more project coming up next week and you can see all three projects together in the room.

EEK! I’m so excited to pull it all together and I’m definitely bringing my camera next time!

Oneitemchallenge graphic

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Next week is the last part of the series so come back next Wednesday!

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Pink ticking fabric / How to sew curtains by poster.
Pink ticking fabric / How to sew curtains by

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  1. Those are beautiful curtains, Jamie! I love the way you improvised – I honestly thought that your original plans were to have the two fabrics together – they match wonderfully (and look perfect together).

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