Our Intimate and Romantic Wedding

I’m sharing lots of photos and sources of our small and romantic wedding in downtown vancouver.

Jamie and Aaron hugging in front of a stone wall.

I’m so excited to share photos of our wedding day with you today! For those of you that don’t know, Aaron and I met in grade 5 when we both attended a new school. We quickly became each other’s first loves and boyfriend/girlfriend. We had the most sweetest first love and clearly it made an impact on both of us. It’s the kind of first love that I can only hope my children experience.

But a year later he broke my heart (dumping me at the Valentine’s day school dance!) but we got back together in grade 7 after which I broke his heart! Ahh, young love. We went to the same high school but we never had the same classes together or ran in the same circles.

After we both got on Facebook, we would follow along in each other’s lives pretty much the same way as with any classmate from the past with no romantic connection but every now and then he would apologize for breaking my heart. I had zero recollection of this incident back in grade 6 so I clearly blocked it from my mind it was so traumatic!

Fast forward a whole bunch of years and we are both going through divorces and we realized how similar our paths have been. Aaron proposed last Christmas and the end of August we were married! Here are the photos of our magical day!

The first look

We wanted to take photos ahead of the wedding ceremony so we got ready at our friends’ place in Yaletown and met on the rooftop of their condo. Thanks Jill and Mark!

Jamie and Aaron on the rooftop meeting each other overlooking the city.
A black and white photo of the couple seeing each other for the first time.
The couple kissing on the rooftop.
Aaron fixing Jamie's hair.
Jamie laughing while Aaron's hands are on her waist.

Jill and I have been friends for nearly 20 years. We first met while working in medical together. Jill still works for orthopaedic surgeons but she’s also my assistant and SEO expert so I’m sure you’ve seen her photos before.

Jamie and Jill sharing a glass of champagne.

Her husband Mark was our unofficial groomsman.

Aaron kissing the top of Mark's head.

After our first look photos we walked up a few blocks to the beautiful restaurant where we were getting married!

Walking up to the restaurant in her wedding dress.
Aaron holding Jamie's hand while walking.
Jamie and Aaron standing in front of a red brick building posing for a picture.
The happy couple walking hand in hand with Jamie carrying a bouquet of pink flowers.
Standing in front of a restaurant posing for a picture.
A black and white photo of the two kissing.
Walking hand in hand to the restaurant.


Brix & Mortar is a restaurant but also has an amazing space for weddings and they have perfected it down to a T. Our whole day and the days leading up to it ran so smoothly! They excess at what they do and I’d recommend them to anyone in a heartbeat! They worked with our small budget and made our wedding a dream come true. Thank you Jennifer and Jamie for making our day so memorable!

Brix & Mortar restaurant sign.

Brix and Mortar has a courtyard space that is covered by glass at the top which is perfect for holding weddings. The venue is two floors and has plenty of room for a wedding plus regular restaurant patrons.

The courtyard of the reception place.
Guests sitting in the courtyard socializing.
Jamie and the kids at the guest sign in table.

I have several of these gorgeous embroidered pillows I brought back from Paris. Perfect to hold the rings!

An embroidered pillow with the rings on it.

My son and daughter were a part of the wedding and walked down the aisle ahead of me after Jill ( who was my matron of honor). Aaron had his cousin/best friend Devron stand as his best man.

The back of Jamie's daughters head with her pretty hair detail.
Jamie waiting to walk down the aisle.
The long walk to the altar.
Jamie's son walking first down the aisle.
Jamie's daughter Audrey walking next down the aisle.
Jamie standing at the end of the aisle waiting to walk with curtains parted.
Walking down the aisle with a big smile.

You know that I’ve been married twice before and I never had anyone shed a tear on our wedding day for me so to see Aaron cry on our wedding day made me so happy. Is that weird?!

Aaron crying while Jamie is walking down the aisle.
All of us standing at the altar.

We had our good friend Steve be our officiant. He’s an amazing artist and has been our friend since grade 5, in the same class with us.

Jamie and Jill laughing.
The kiss at the altar.
After saying I Do walking down the aisle.
Jamie kissing Audrey's head.

Because only official wedding officiants can marry you in BC, we had a real officiant waiting outside the restaurant to officially marry us after our ceremony.

Jamie, Dev and Arron at the signing.
Raising a toast with a glass of champagne.
Jamie talking to the officiant.

We shared old photos, a teddy bear that Aaron gave me that he still had.

Looking at old photos of the couple.

Along with a binder he still had from elementary school where he wrote I love Jamie and AQ+JL true lover forever!

Jamie and Aaron's high school book.

We surprised guests with some dancing right after the ceremony while we sipped champagne before we headed downstairs for our reception dinner.

Dancing at the reception.


I quickly snapped some photos of our intimate private dining room. Brix & Mortar included these beautiful customized menus for everyone.

The menu for the dinner.

I bought all the flower stems and eucalyptus and Aaron’s parents and the restaurant decorated the tables with them and I put together the bouquets the morning of the wedding.

Tables set up for the reception.

Aren’t these cafe au lait dahlias amazing?!

The floral centerpieces.

We couldn’t decide on which cake we wanted to we actually got two! We only cut one.

Vanilla cake with lemon buttercream frosting (my pick).

Chocolate with raspberry ganache (Aaron’s pick).

Jamie and Aaron cutting the cake.
A photo of the couple at the head table.
The just married couple looking in a mirror.
The couple in the reception space.
The reflection of the couple in a mirror.
Jamie and Aaron standing in an intimate moment.
The couple with their arms around each other.

Ready to get started?

With only 35 people in attendance, it was a small but intimate and romantic wedding. It was a magical day and one that we’ll cherish forever. I’m so glad to be able to share it with you!


(trying to locate links for the other clothing items)

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  1. You two are ridiculously good looking!!!!! It was a very special day, one that I will never forget! I love you both, and cheers to a happy life! Love, your MOH!

  2. May you be happy in your new marriage. I too will be getting married next summer. I have been married three times already. A long time ago. Beautiful wedding and the flowers were so lovely. We will be a small group too. Going to have a picnic reception. Good food and family and 14 of my guys Army buddies. Am a wee bit intimidated. Ha ha.

  3. Congratulations! You and your husband look so happy, the pictures are beautiful! You both are so lucky to have found your way back to each other, it was meant to be! May you both continue to cherish one another for many many years to come!

  4. Though I don’t know you, I have been enjoying your website for a long time now and feel as if I do. What a beautiful wedding! Absolutely love the flowers, especially your bouquet and those in your and your daughter’s hair. Wishing you both a lifetime of love and happiness.

  5. How lovely. It is easy to see the happiness and love everyone has for the two of you. Congratulations and many years of happiness together.

    Carly Dwyer
    Barrington, IL

  6. Such a lovely, intimate wedding. You look gorgeous in that dress and Aaron very handsome in his suit. A beautiful couple that were always meant to be together. Cheers, to a long and happy life together!

  7. What a beautiful wedding, congratulations and best wishes for the rest of your lives together!

    By the way Aaron is the dead spitting image of the actor Joel Edgerton, if you haven’t been told before.

  8. Congratulations to both you and Aaron. It all looks so amazing, and your dress in beautiful. The two of you and your children look happy relaxed and at peace.


  9. Beautiful photos and a beautiful couple! And the kids were also stars. I was hoping you would choose that dress. I hope it feels wonderful to be married, it’s official! Best of luck! Claudia

  10. What a beautiful couple, children and wedding! And what a love story, so sweet! I was married on August 23, 1981! How funny it is to see my wedding day, also be someone else’s! Congratulations!

    Many, many blessings, love, romance and adventures together!

    Thanks for sharing,

  11. You had the most gorgeous wedding. I love all the photo’s and love even more how happy the both of you are. Great inspiration for my wedding. Thank you.

  12. Jamie~
    First of all, you made a stunning bride, and your new hubby was quite handsome as well. Happiness looks good on you. Just a look at the twinkle in your eye and the smile on your face says it all. Congratulations a hundred times over!
    Deb 🙂

  13. I also have been married three times , but the third time , when I was 50, was the charm ! My groom cried through the whole ceremony and I just grinned … I love a sentimental man, and I’ve been married to this one for 18 happy years . Best wishes to you both!

  14. Jamie you look absolutely gorgeous!! Your dress (and your hair!) – amazing!! Having followed your blog for a few years now and knowing all you went through before I am beyond thrilled that you two found each other – again!

    Wishing you a lifetime of happiness – you deserve it!


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