Junking Day with Blogger Friends

I recently spent the day looking treasures or junking with my friends who are bloggers as well!

Two weeks ago, my dear friend Tara from Suburble arranged the perfect day, in my opinion:

 To spend the day junking with fellow bloggers, shopping and high tea.

And getting free goodies at the end? Amazing!

Junking Day with Blogger Friends with the 5 friends posing for a picture.

So here’s the crew:

Jenn from Clean and Scentsible, moi, Tara, Donna from Funky Junk Interiors and Jennylyn, owner and creator of Fusion Mineral Paint.

We started the morning off by heading out past Abbotsford to Granny and Grumpa’s for some treasure hunting.

Granny and Grumpa's garage with signs all over the front of it.

There were so many barns full of cool stuff to check out.

Like these beauties. Yikes. These dolls definitely creeped us out!

A room filled with dolls.

But we quickly got past the creepy and made our way to the cool, rusty stuff like rows of old vintage looking typewriters.

Old typewriters on a shelf.

I snagged this typewriter up right away!

Up close picture of an antique looking typewriter.
photo via Suburble

Be still my heart, rows of crocks!! You know how much I love my crocks.

Rows of crocks in all different sizes.

 Can I take this one home with me? Pullleease?

I have never seen one that big. I really want it. Is that odd?

Biggest crock ever with Jamie putting her arms around it.

I love how everything is organized in these rusty barns.

Pop bottles on a shelf.

Brass figurines on a table.

Old license plates displayed on a wall.

I love this printer cabinet. I’d love just a tray.

Printer's cabinet.

 Look, the fonts are written on the front, so cool.

The fonts for the printer written on the cabinet.

 Insulators! Sooooo many insulators.

Insulators on a shelf in white, clear and blue.

 I spy my typewriter already in my car and I scored these old school desks. I have no idea where they will go in my house but I adore them.

Old school desks being loaded into the car.

I even made Tall Tara sit in one, ha! She’s such a great sport 😉

I picked up a couple of crocks (of course) and a few other goodies I’ll show you later.

An adult trying to sit in the old school desk for a child.

Next we did some shopping in my new favorite store, Spruce Collective. I’ve been wanting to go there forever!

Spruce Collective store.

Vintage old books with candles on top.

We were dying of hunger by this time so we made our way down a couple of doors to Traceycakes. High tea is my absolute favorite type of meal (if it could be called a meal). They accommodated us without a reservation which was wonderful!

It was so great to have time to sit down and have a girl time chat. We could all talk endlessly about blogging, DIY projects and paint.

High tea and Junking with blogger friends.

Next we went thrift store shopping and I spied this baby. Oh yeah, you might not know this about me but I played the organ from about when I was 6 years old to age 16. It was all my mom’s doing. Hmm…I wonder why it never really took off as a cool instrument to play? It does bring back some lovely memories. Shall I play you a tune?

Old organ in the store.

We ended our day with some tailgating in the parking lot.

For DIY bloggers, that  means showing off the furniture you scored BEFORE you met your friends for a day of junking.

I thought Donna was going to snatch that table from Tara.

The two woman standing by the car.

 Have you ever wondered what the back of Donna’s pick-up looked like?

Those rusty objects were her finds from the day. Of course she will do something amazing with them.

And here are all the free goodies from Jennyln! Did you know she is the producer of Miss Mustard Seed’s paint line?

Fusion Mineral Paint.

 We all went home with a bag full of paint and waxes and stencils. I cannot wait to get started!

Everyone loading the goodies into the car.

Jennylyn is such a sweetie. She flew from Toronto for the day to see Donna!

Thank you for the goodies, girl!

Junking with blogger friends posing for a picture.
photo via Funky Junk Interiors

Fusion Mineral Paint and Stencils on the table.

See? It was the perfect day! So glad to be able to call my ‘online’ friends ‘real’ friends.

You girls rock.

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  1. Oh, look at me – not fitting into that desk at all! I can’t wait to see what you did with them – such a steal!

    It was a great great day… So happy that I got to spend to it with you, lady!

  2. I LOVE crocks too in fact I seem to have quite a lot of them. I have one on each step going up to our second floor, several I use as waste paper baskets and a huge one that we keep our pellets in. My son told me if anything happened to me, they would go in the garbage. He changed his mind after I showed him the prices on new ones. Now he wants them. Maybe I will sell them when we hopefully move.

    1. I love crocks so much, Patty! I have about 20 or so but I really have to hold myself back from buying them because I’m running out of room. But the uses are endless, aren’t they?
      Hugs, Jamie

    1. It’s a sickness, really, haha. I must learn your negotiating ways, Donna. It was so wonderful to meet you and spend the day with you 😉
      Big hugs, J.

  3. Ahh!! Such a fun day! It is SO much better hanging out in person! 🙂
    Can’t wait to see what you do with your desks and other goodies. I can’t wait to try out the paints! xo

  4. OMG, this sounds like so much fun! I wish I lived closer to you guys. You will love the Fusion Paint it it awesome!

  5. Hi Jamie;

    Thanks so much for the shout-out! It was so great to see you all having such a nice day out!
    Love your blog!
    Elisa from Spruce Collective

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