Kitchen Cupboard and Drawer Organization

Kitchen cupboard and drawer organization is crucial when designing a kitchen. Check out my tips.

Kitchen cupboard and drawer organization/white bright kitchen - So Much Better With Age

Today there’s one more post on my kitchen!

It’s all about organizing the cupboards and drawers. I’ll show you where I store everything, the best places to put things that make sense and how I put everything away in my kitchen.

I used to organize my mom’s kitchen cupboards ever since I was little. I hated things all jumbled on top of each other in cupboards and stacked too high, and I liked everything to have a place. If we didn’t use it, then it needed to go. My mom still remembers and asks me to organize her kitchen cupboards!

I’ve always kept every kitchen in every house or apartment I’ve lived in like that. Always organized. If I had a tiny kitchen, I would take over a hall closet to store not as frequently used items but I always kept everything that I would use regularly. Everything in its place. It makes like so much easier!

Let me show you how I organize all my kitchen cupboard and drawers.

A large white kitchen island with brown stools.

Here is an aerial view of the kitchen, one of the first sketches.

The island has a lot of storage and although I don’t have a lot upper cabinetry, there is plenty of lower kitchen cabinets.

Artist drawings of the kitchen.

A counter-depth fridge was a must for me and the pantry was built all around it so there is a lot of dry food storage as well.

Turning this 80s eating nook into a baking centre was the BEST decision ever. There is so much storage and counter space for making pies and cookies.

What’s In Each Cupboard and Drawer

I’ve numbered each cupboard and drawer on these photos and labelled what is in each one.

After the initial photo, I have a few sample photos of what’s inside of them.

Everything in this section is for baking and I have the kids’ dishes in here as well so they can easily grab their own.

There are white kitchen drawers and cupboards all labelled with what goes in which drawer.
Inside the kitchen pantry with a blender and cookie and cake pans.
An organized baking drawer.
 Organizing the Saran Wrap and plastic baggies in the kitchen drawer.
Kids plates and bowls organized in the drawer.
Putting baking bowls into the cupboard.

Next to this cupboard is the dishwasher then the sink.

The everyday glassware is on the open shelving above and across in the island is where all the plates and bowls are kept so unloading the dishwasher is easy and convenient.

Next to the sink is a pull-out garbage and recycling drawer which is also in a convenient location.

A white kitchen with an Eiffel Tower on the counter.
The trash drawer is opened.
Wine glasses and plates organized in cupboard.

Spices and baking sheets should be close to the stove area.

I have cutting boards in the baking sheet section along with oven mitts and cooling racks.

Knives and cooking oils are close by too.

Putting away the spices and oils and vinegars in drawers.
Organizing the knife drawer.
Baking sheets in the drawers.

The island stores so much and everything has it’s place. Like I mentioned above, the flatware and plates and bowls are directly across from the dishwasher for easy unloading.

Beautiful pendant lights in kitchen over the island.
Cutlery in the drawer.
Bowls and ramekins in the drawer.
Pots in the lower drawers.
The utilities in the drawers.
Smaller pots with lids in the drawers.
Wok and strainer in drawers.

This Sharp microwave drawer is the best invention ever. It opens like a drawer with a press of a button.

The drawer underneath stores the toaster and blender and can be plugged in in the island for easy access.

A built in microwave.
Blender and toaster in the drawer.

These two hidden cabinets store more cookbooks and crayons and play dough for the kids.

Hidden cabinets in the kitchen island.
Cookbooks organized on the shelf.

And finally, the open shelving holds the my everyday glassware along with a few beautiful green items.

A framed floral picture on the kitchen counter.

Here is the source list. There is more I need to add to it so I’ll update it shortly!

I hope I’ve inspired you to organize your kitchen 🙂

Source List:

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Kitchen Cupboard and Drawer Organization - So Much Better With Age

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  1. Hey girl -love the post! I always have to have organization to if not it just drives me crazy! Ha Love your kitchen!

  2. Jamie…you have one of the most beautifully functional kitchens around!….I have taken some notes as we are gathering thoughts on a new house plan when we decide to downsize, which will probably be sooner than later. I love the fact that you have many drawers. I have cabinets with slide out shelves and so much prefer the drawers! I have also taken note of that wonderful “cookie sheet” drawer!

    1. I know, I love these drawers too, Shirley. I think I had mental notes about this kitchen for years! I love that cookie sheet drawer, definitely must. And my new range doesn’t have a drawer on the bottom for storing as it’s a warming drawer. Have fun planning!
      Hugs, Jamie

  3. Hi, I love everything about your kitchen, so beautiful! My dear friend and cousin Shauna from Satori Design suggested I check out your blog and so happy she did. I have a question for you, I noticed you used to have a Wolf cooktop and now you have Jenn Air, I have Jenn Air now and want a Wolf, so I would like your opinion on the difference and if the price difference is worth it for the Wolf?
    Thanks for your time

    1. Hi Heather, thanks for your comment. I love Shauna, she has such great style. I’m actually really happy with my Jenn Air. I would say the biggest difference is that the Wolf burners just ignite automatically. The Jenn Air ignites in a second or two. It’s really not a big difference but I heard that’s pretty normal for a gas range but the Wolf was instant. I would definitely buy the Jenn Air again. I’m surprised at how much I like it. I’m going to update my post to give you the model number of my appliances.
      Hugs, Jamie

  4. Beautiful, but you obviously do not have back issues with bending over to access your items. You are also very lucky to have sets of pots & pans. Mine are what I still have and have added to from 38 years of marriage. My dream kitchen will have cupboards with pull out trays for items, but it will have lots of upper cabinets, and a large pantry area. 2 side by side cafe style door ovens (no bending please and no more waiting for hubby to be available to do it for me). I did really like your sheet pan drawer and your garbage drawer next to the sink. Once again, beautiful kitchen.

  5. I love your kitchen, it is beautiful! Your design and organization is so inspiring. You’ve done a fabulous job and it is giving me lots of ideas – I’m beginning to plan my kitchen reno and would appreciate your imput on your Jenn-Air appliances. They are slick and beautiful! I enjoy your blog very much. Thanks for your help. Peggy

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment, Peggy. I’ve updated my post with the appliance model numbers if that’s helpful to you. Took me awhile to find them. I’m really happy with them. In my last house I bought a Subzero fridge and a Wolf range and I honestly cannot tell the difference in the range. The one noticeable difference is that the Jenn Air takes a second to ignite where the Wolf ignites immediately. And the Subzero doors are incredibly heavy to pull and push. Very happy with these appliances. Thanks for being here!
      Hugs, Jamie

  6. FABULOUS!!!! Everyone who knows me knows I am anal when it comes to organization, especially in my kitchen. I’m moving into a new house next month with plenty of kitchen storage space and I have been racking my brains on how to set up my “kitchen of convenience”. Thank you you so much!!!

  7. Beautiful! I’m the same, i gotta have everything organized. Drives me nuts if things are will nilly in the cabinets. And PS I have total kitchen envy <3

  8. Love this kitchen and you’ve got everything stored really well (and I take it in places that are convenient for whatever you’re working on)! A rather naive question —- what is the blue thing in a section all by itself in the flatware drawer? I’ve got something similar, at least from a distance it looks similar but it’s for cutting aspirin and other pills in half. I use it for cutting up dog pills. I cannot believe they’re one in the same.

  9. Hello Jamie, what a lovely person you are to emulate, and your kitchen is just beautiful, as is the diningroom , living area too!! My head was dizzy after studying your pictures of all the amazing changes you did to the 80’s kitchen!! I am lucky enough to have more square footage than you started with in your original kitchen, yet still cannot fathom how to begin designing a new kitchen. I find here where I am located in small town, Northern Ontario, the options are very limited for having faith in this sort of advice. Would you think it an imposition for me to inquire as to whether you would have time to look at photos of my kitchen and make some suggestions as to a layout? I ask this because, amazingly it is a diningroom wall that I wish to remove also. Alas, cannot remove the livingroom one, as it has a corner fireplace in it , in chocolate glazed oak, that I fell in love with, years ago. It is also a sunken livingroom so on a step down level as compared to the rest of this floor. If this is possible, please let me know, and the cost. I am much older than you, (68) but finally able to make some changes that would give me great pleasure! I hope this message has not been too tedious for you, I do tend to go on a bit!! I do have technical challenges with computers, but am doing better, so would try to send pictures on my phone as opposed to here if that would be okay too. Thank you so much just for reading this long message, even if you aren’t able to help me. Sincerely, Valerie
    PS Would be able to send you US postal money order if it can be arranged!!

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