Light and Dark Contrast

I love the contrast of light and dark when decorating my home.
Light and Dark Contrast - So Much Better With Age

I always say I love lots of white but when I look at all the photos of my house I realize that I do have a LOT of dark pieces.

Turns out I LOVE the contrast of light and dark! Of course I love neutral decor (if you haven’t noticed) with lots of white but I love the play of contrast against dark floors or accents with dark frames or decor.

A vintage scale on a small console table.

This probably isn’t news to my loyal lovely readers but I hadn’t really thought of it before.

A wrought iron mug stand is on a wooden console table beside antlers and candles.

Dark natural elements contrasting against the creamy white walls? Gorgeous!

A dark wood floor with a light coloured rug.

On the bookshelves, elements of light and dark with various shades in between, and every now and again even I have to throw in a hint of soft colour.

A white bookshelf with books on it and a porcelain vase.
A foyer with a dark wood floor and an off white welcome mat and a table with a white linen on it.

(Neutral Foyer)

The kitchen, my favourite room in the house is the one room that doesn’t have a whole lot of added colour contrast with the exception of the floors.

You may recall I used to have dark counter tops. Apparently a little too much contrast in there!

An all white and steel kitchen with a dark floor.

White subway tile, yes!!

Subway tile in the kitchen that is white.

Everyone needs a tiny bit of colour in the bathroom, but not without a little contrast!

Bathroom with white and black tiled floor.

(Master Ensuite)

Light and dark vanities in the master bathroom.

I still love this wine crate key holder but that chandy has my heart.

A wooden wine key holder that is painted a streaky black.

There are some major decor changes going on here.

On Monday I’m going to give you a sneak peek of a new place that I’m in and there are bigger plans on the horizon. I’m on the hunt for a house!!

It’s either going to be in the area I’m currently living or might be in a neighbouring town. It’s been fun to look around at the houses out there as it’s been a long time since I’ve been house hunting.

So come back here on Monday for some sneak peeks! Fun times ahead.

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  1. Funny post Jamie! I love contrast too! Your home is beautiful but I can’t wait to see what else you can do. Good luck in the house hunt!

  2. I love the way you contrast your pieces, I really do. I’m an artist/painter, so I always notice the juxtaposition of things/colors/textures and how they feel together…your house has a great feel!

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