Living Room Update

It’s amazing how a few small updates in a room can have such a big difference! Check them out below!

Painted cabinet behind sofa.

Over the last little while, I’ve been making some small changes to our living room. These changes have made a huge impact on the space and I can’t wait to show you!

You might remember the new gorgeous vintage rug that we added last summer. I shared a lot on Instagram narrowing it down from three choices with your help.

Here is the newly added rug. I took this photo when we first got it in the summer last year.

Green vintage rug in living room with grey couch.

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And here is how our living room looks now!

Our new artwork from Minted called Morning Mist is the perfect addition to the space. The colors go so nicely with our couch and new rug.

It’s 40×30 in size and I chose the gilded wood frame to go with it.

Grey slipcovered couch with artwork on wall and marble and gold coffee table.

I love how it changes the look of this room!

Brown vase with greenery, grey couch, green rug, green artwork.
Greenery in vase with gold framed art on wall, grey couch.
Morning Mist artwork by Minted on wall.

This is what the living room looked like before with the cabinet and the artwork on the wall.

Another change was that I just painted this cabinet.

Oak cabinet with vintage typewriter. Grey couch with pieces of artwork on the wall.

cabinet makeover

When I got this cabinet, it didn’t have a backing. I think someone had used it as an entertainment centre so for ease of installing cables to the electronics.

Aaron put a piece of MDF on the back using the brad nailer which also helped reinforce the whole piece.

Missing back of an oak cabinet.

I’ve had this cabinet for years and I’ve always just lived with it having no back. When it gets pushed up against a wall, no one notices!

Oak cabinet with vintage typewriter sitting on top.

I primed it first then painted two coats of Putty from Fusion Mineral Paint.

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Putty colored painted cabinet with mirror and books displayed on top.

I no longer keep my aprons, tablecloths and napkins in this cabinet but just my china collection and my exercise weights. Yes, it’s a weird spot but this is where I work out at home so it’s the best spot to keep me motivated! I always maximize the storage throughout the house.

China collection inside cabinet.

The color looks amazing with the other tones in the living room. I only wish I painted it sooner!

Pretty painted cabinet in mushroom color and grey sectional couch.

I added some more texture by adding a wicker trunk for all our blankets.

The details of the cabinet really stand out now.

Close up of detail on cabinet.
Close-up of detail on cabinet with vintage handle.
Decorative feet on cabinet.
Close-up of books, match striker and gold mirror.

What do you think of my living room refresh? It’s amazing how just a few small updates can have a huge impact!


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Living Room Update.

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  1. I like that putty color a lot. I need some furniture to paint and another month I can. Your room is so nice and I believe I do want a couch like yours. I have been on the fence but my left won.

  2. Love the changes you’ve made, your look is simpler and frankly, beautiful! It’s not that I didn’t like it before, it’s just that recently I’m all about Less.

  3. Hello Jamie!
    I love your painted cabinet and it really looks great. I like this colour and I hope to follow your steps in choosing and painting my cabinets and chairs. Thank you.

  4. Love that color – I mixed a few of my paints to make that color about a year ago – nice to just be able to get it and have enough. There’s another piece I wish to paint, too.
    I think your refresh is wonderful but I gasped at painting that beautiful quality piece. Wood like that can no longer be found – I am all about painting cheap or lower quality, but I am sad you painted that tiger oak. Please don’t be mad I share this opinion. You did a fabulous job with it, though.
    I keep my work out weights in the bottom of my antique cabinet too. They’re dusty. I really need to get movin again!!

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