My Master Bedroom Style and Floor Plan

I am sharing with you the floor plans for my beachy French master bedroom!

A neutral bed with slate blue pillows.

Welcome back to the last of the What’s My Style Series!

Today is the last of the three-part series. Here is what we saw the last two months:

January – Main Living Space Style

February – Kitchen Style

 March – Bedroom Style — today!

I’ve shown my master bedroom and ensuite before but today I’m going to show you the actual floor plan. I also have a lot of decor updates so I’ll show you how I’ve added my Industrial Beachy French style to my master bedroom today.

My bedroom style graphic.

My Master Bedroom Style and Floor Plan

You know how much I love my subtle neutrals. I could live all day in pure white but my hubby would never go for it.

I’ve been adding a few charming gold touches with the lamps and my stencilled bee wall.

My RH grain sack pillow is so Vintage/Industrial.

Grain sack striped pillow on the bed.

And I recently added these exquisite indigo pillows. I actually dyed them myself and I’m going to be showing you how soon.

I think it adds a nice tactile contrast with all the neutral and touches of gold.

It’s also very French and so are those bees!

Bee graphic on the wall above the bed.

Indigo dyed pillow shams on the bed.

This is the way the master bedroom looked when we first toured the house.

We changed the carpets and painted the walls and adding thick crown moulding.

A before picture with off white walls and just a bed in the room.

 I think the white duvet cover adds a nice Beachy feel to the bed.

A white duvet on the bed with wooden side tables and lamps.

 Here is a floor plan of the bedroom and bonus room next to it.

If you look closely, you’ll notice the master ensuite is just drawn in by hand. That area was actually part of the master bedroom and just a quarter of that space was a tiny bathroom.

So weird!

The drawn out master bedroom floor plan.

 Our master bedroom is already huge. Can you imagine how much bigger it actually was BEFORE we added the master ensuite?

Arrow showing where the bathroom is in the bedroom picture.

And we have a king size bed.

I’m not sure why the builders thought they needed the master to be the size of an apartment with barely a bathroom.

I mean it’s fine if the house were HUGE but it’s not.

A rug in the bedroom beside the bed.

So glad we changed it! So here is the old part of the bedroom that we turned into the master ensuite.

Showing the room before the changes with arrows pointing to what was moved.

 Getting the walls roughed in.

Roughing in the walls of the room.

 I really wish I could paint my bedroom furniture but my hubby would never go for it.

I think I’ll change out the knobs to give it an update.

I moved my dough bowl from my dining room to the top of my wooden dresser.

A wooden dresser with a mirror on it and a small chair beside it in the bedroom.

 I love my French Industrial laundry cart from Pottery Barn.

A round clothes hamper beside the dresser in the room.

 Here is a before shot of the other side of the room. We changed out the bifold doors for actual doors (another weird thing).

The door on the left leads to that bonus room. The door on the right is my walk-in closet.

A picture of the bedroom with arrows showing the master closet.

 The bonus room is where we watch movies at night and where I blog. I’ve carved out a corner in that room for my home office.

I’ll be showing you an update to that room soon!

A walk through closet to a bonus room.

 My hubby hates tons of pillows on the bed. Even though I make my bed every day, I often only add all the pillows some days so a lot of time I just pile them on my French looking side table I bought of Craigslist a few years ago.

A small wooden table with extra pillows stacked on top of it.

 When the soft pillows are actually on the bed, I move the stack of books to the table top.

White and blue pillows on top of the table.

I love the gold around the edges.

A wooden French wooden table.

Here is another before shot of a corner in my room where my walk-in closet is.

Before the renovation in the master bedroom.

 That large mirror was gold and green from Costco. Yuck. I painted it white (of course) and added a glittered Paris sign.

The chandelier is made from capiz shells, very Beachy.

All the white and blue make this whole corner very Beachy feeling.

A white armchair in the corner of the room with a large mirror behind it.

These are the popular blackout curtains I made.

A soft dusty pink curtains in the room.

 What do you think? Is it Industrial Beachy French?

Be sure to check out my master ensuite.

A large master ensuite.

Whats your style series graphic.

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Tuesday, March 25th
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Wednesday, March 26th

Bedroom Update:

Paris Artwork & A Cozy Corner

A small white ottoman in the corner of the room with artwork above it.




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  1. Your bedroom is beautiful Jamie- so calm and pretty. I am going to take on a little bedroom redo soon – we have an upholstered headboard but I would love to change the shape of it to something a little curvier like yours!!

  2. Wow! What a project!! I love the textures and colors. I’m so in love with navy but always feel like I can’t make it work in my home. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  3. This looks fantastic! I love everything! I would love it if you joined and contribute your awesome posts at my link party at City of Creative Dreams on Fridays 😀 Hope to see you there at City of Creative Dreams Link Party

  4. Very pretty bedroom. I like the headboard and the pillows very much. I had to smile at your comment about your husband not liking a lot of pillows on the bed. My husband doesn’t like a lot of pillows on the bed either, but I just ignore his complaints and do it anyway. I take them all off before bedtime, and I’m the one who makes the bed in the morning and puts them all back on, so I don’t see how this is hurting him. 🙂 Thankfully, he’s fine with furniture painting. Your dark furniture is really nice and it looks great in the room.

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment, Nancy. I know, I think all men hate all the pillows LOL. Problem is, I tend to leave them on the floor most of the week too so that’s why he really hates it, ha. Thanks for stopping by!

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