My New Pied-a-Terre

Take a look at my cozy new apartment, complete with a French vintage decor!

Wooden chandelier,  pictures on wall and side table.

Last week I mentioned I moved into a new apartment. It’s an interim place while I house hunt.

Yep, I’m looking for a new house! It’s very exciting but I’m not sure where I’m moving yet.

For now, I want to show you my ‘pied-à-terre’. It’s my little apartment in the city while I look for a new house.

I worked my little butt off this weekend to get it together. I’ve lived here for a month now but with so much going on, I’ve barely had a chance to unpack or decorate my pied-a-terre. It’s a long weekend here in BC so I took advantage of.

I hate moving, I really do. I haven’t moved for six years now but I used to move every six months.

Every six months! Who does that? I do apparently. When I grew up, I didn’t move that much but when I moved out after high school, I would move every six months.

White couch and pillows.

Don’t ask me why. There were many different reasons. Sometimes I would find a better apartment down the street with better hardwood floors and I would move.

And I would move just by walking my stuff down the street because I thought that would be easier.

Which it wasn’t. Don’t ever do it. Moving down the street is actually far worse than moving across town.

Side table by wall with suitcases underneath it.
Two French chairs flanking a side table with a lamp on it.

It was so fun to mix up all pretty my artwork that I’ve had.

Some is from City Farmhouse (grey art pieces) and Maison de Pax (black and white Paris photography).

Wall with 5 pictures above a side table.

I bought this beaded chandelier last year from Antique Farmhouse but it’s also available on Painted Fox.

Steel bucket on wooden distressed table and a crock.

I’ve posted on Instagram before about how I unknowingly match my clothing and accessories to my decor. You might have come across this one about how my watch matches my decor.

Blonde woman sitting on the white couch in a pink jumpsuit.

How cool is it to have a wood watch that matches your decor?

Watch on girl's wrist who is sitting on the couch.

Pretty cool watch I think.

Crystal and wood watch on wrist.

Swarovski crystals and a gold rose face? Yes please.

It’s called the Sidney from Jord.

Watch sitting on crock.

I love wood with pink. How perfect is that?

Pink flowers in a white vase.

So I’m super happy with my new watch.

And of course my new apartment.

It’s a crazy time right now but also good. I don’t know what’s to come but it’s exciting what’s on the horizon.

Side table with steel bucket and wooden chandelier in background.

For now I’m all set up in my new pied-à-terre.

Vintage suitcases under wooden table and side table with burlap cloth and pink flowers on top.

And can’t wait to show you around more.

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My new pied-a-terre poster.

Disclosure: Thank you Jord for the gorgeous watch that matches my new pied-à-terre.
Ladies Wooden Watches

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  1. Girl, this looks better than my house that I’ve lived in for almost THREE YEARS!!! It looks so pretty and is SO you. Also loving that wood watch. I think they are gorgeous!

  2. Love the apartment Jamie. Your decorating can make any place amazing! And that watch is beautiful and so you.

  3. Love the new place. It looks great, and you do too.: )

    Love the look and lay out of your blog. Very professional.

  4. It’s stunning, Jamie! I love all of your personal touches. It looks as though you’ve been there for months!

    And that watch is lovely. I’ve seen those Jord watches around, and I think they’re so timeless. Great choice.

  5. Everything looks stunning, the apartment, the watch, YOU! I can’t believe how quickly you pulled it all together – so pretty Jamie!! xo

  6. Jamie, it’s fabulous! Next month, we will be moving into a rental apartment while we house hunt, too. I’m excited to see where you (and I!) end up!

    1. That’s exciting Jenna! I love your blog. It sucks being in limbo but it’s nice to make a rental comfy and cozy while you’re there. Good luck house hunting!
      Hugs, Jamie

  7. You are going to find the perfect home for you and the kids whether it is in the city or the country…..and I have a feeling that maybe it will finally be your forever home. The one you won’t have to move from. I’m so happy to see that you’ve been able to make this place of transition look homey and still YOU. But I can’t wait to see what you find and how you transform it.

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