Organizing Loose Tea in Weck Canning Jars

Organizing loose leaf tea in Weck canning jars will not only keep things functional, but will look pretty too.

A glass container with loose tea inside it and a label that says peach.

Now that the kids are back to school, I’ve been trying to get more organized. It’s a bit difficult while I’m writing my book. There are projects laid out in every corner of my main floor.

To keep me going with the book projects, I drink a lot of tea. I never liked the taste of coffee and have always been a tea drinker so I have quite the stash of tea including a lot of loose leaf tea and they always come in not-so-pretty bags or a mix match of containers.

Weck canning jars come in the cutest sizes and they are the perfect way to organize all my loose tea.

Let me show you how I organized my loose tea in Weck canning jars.

Canning jars on a small stool on the counter with a wooden cutting board behind it.

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Here is just some of my tea collection. I’m sure everyone has an assortment of tea like me. Sometimes you need caffeine, sometimes you don’t. I love a decaf green tea at night. I have different favorite teas for friends and family that come over. When it comes to tea, everyone has a specific one that they like.

All the tea laid out on the counter.

I like to organize my tea bags in pretty containers like the metal chicken feed container and the Kraft cheese box that you see in the image below. Once the loose tea goes in the jars, you’ll need to label it somehow so you know what tea you’ll be drinking.

I brought out my favourite label maker and made sure to use clear tape with black ink.

A Dymo label maker on the counter beside the glass jars.
There is printer ribbon beside the label maker.

I initially found some Weck jars at a local cooking shop in various sizes but when I looked online on Amazon I found that they had different lids too!

There is a glass container with loose tea inside it on the small grey stool.
A glass container that says green and another that says peach.

The wood lids are my favourite! They even have the orange seal attached underneath. There are simple white plastic lids too.

In the image below you can see the three different lids. Weck also has cork lids too.

I think I’m going to buy more wood ones, I initially just bought one to see how it looked as it was pricey for one lid.

White lids on the canning jars filled with tea.

For now I have 6 little Tulip jars with the original lids on an old stand that I bought in France last year at my first brocante market.

Glass jars filled with tea on the white counter.

I have one large (1/2L) Weck jar with my favourite creamy Early grey as I go through that one a lot.

Loose tea in a Weck container.
Organizing Loose Tea in Weck Canning Jars/clear labels on tea jars - So Much Better With Age

You can also pop a candle on some loose tea in the jar and it will act like potpourri when lit!

There is a small glass jar with loose tea in it plus a candle.

The jars with the loose tea look pretty enough to keep on the kitchen counter now.

A wooden cutting board, loose tea in canning jars and succulents beside it.

I hope I’ve inspired you today!

If you’re interested in my label maker, this is the exact one I have –

Dymo Label Manager 150Black on clear labelling tape

I’ve had it for years now so here is a newer version – Dymo Label Manager 210 D

Black on clear labelling tape for the 210D

Make sure to pin it for later!

Organize Loose Tea in Weck Canning Jars - So Much Better With Age
Potpourri Candle - So Much Better With Age

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  1. Hi Jamie, I’m LOVING your blog … and can’t wait for your book to come out! Please tell me, what is your “favorite label maker”? I love that you can label black on clear.

  2. I like your little jars. I am a tea person myself, i love Earl Grey and English Breakfast the most. I have mine in tins and have for a long time. I drink a lot more of it in the winter. Hope your book is going all right for you and thanks for posting when i know how busy you are.

  3. Isn’t it amazing how much better things look in glass jars with pretty lids? I have three old Weck jars but two have “dead” orange seals. I must order some since it would appear that no one in my town carries any. I think I’ll take a look at your label maker while I’m at it. 🙂

    1. You could order some separate lids on Amazon or new sets. They are the cutest jars and yes, everything does look better in glass jars with pretty lids 😉 Thanks for stopping by!
      Hugs, Jamie

  4. I like to put tea in pretty containers, too. Thanks for the source. My favorite part of your post, was the great idea of using loose tea as a potpourri for a candle. I’ve done that with coffee beans, but hadn’t thought about doing it with tea–especially the fruity ones, that may been a gift. Awesome idea!

  5. Beautiful photos – and loose leaf tea is the only kind to drink! I like your selections of teas, too. Earl Grey is a fav of mine, too but my very favorite tea of all time is Harney and Sons PARIS. I buy it in bulk loose and it is a heavenly fragrant black blend with a hint of vanilla and a trace essence of lavender. It is my favorite tea at my tea parties, and as a gift to give my tea society friends.
    My daughter bought some of those jars and also the white plastic lids in a recent berry jam canning / gift giving.
    She loves those jars. Again – lovely post and pics. Makes me want to organize my tea box now! I keep mine out of the light, though, so they don’t go stale on me. : – )

  6. I have a small bench, the jars, and label maker. With your inspiration, I’m making a breakfast station (cereals , brown sugar, raisins, cinnamon sticks (for coffee or oatmeal)). Thanks for ideas

  7. Well these are so darling now I want to start a tea collection, haha! I’ll have to remember this brand of jar the next time I’m looking for storage containers – I love the different lids to choose from! Thanks for sharing your tea collection at our Merry Monday party this week!

  8. Raising hand to a loose leaf tea drinker here. However you’ve pushed me over the edge with your little jars and that stand. This station would have me OFF ginger-ale for sure!

    I’ve featured this in this weekend’s DIY Salvaged Junk link party. Thanks for linking up!

  9. Love tea and love this idea! I think I will start out with some Starbucks glass jars I have on hand and give it a try! Thanks for the idea!

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