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10 Painted Concrete Patio / Floor Ideas

These 10 painted concrete floors or patios will knock your socks off! And the best part is that they last!

Grey and white striped concrete patio.

Painting our concrete patio was as the best decision we made for a budget-friendly temporary solution but now that it’s been the third season, I can say that it’s not just temporary but long-lasting!

There is so much that we’d like to do with our backyard. We’d like a bigger patio for entertaining that includes an eating area and a sitting area, a large pergola to cover us a bit from the elements (it rains here a lot in North Vancouver) and an updated draining system so the water flows more away from the house. All of that means big bucks and there’s always more important things that take precedence.

Painting is by far the best way to update a space and painting over concrete has large impact!

Patio table and chairs with grey fence.

My blogger friends also know the power of paint and whether it’s an overall color over concrete or patterned look, there are endless possibilities on how you can paint over concrete inside or out!

It’s All About the Prep

My friend Sarah from Life on Virginia Street knows the best way to prep a concrete patio for painting.

Blue chairs and planters on grey patio.

So does Laura from The Turquoise Home. It’s amazing how fresh these patios look!

Brick wall with outdoor couch in front of it.

Go Bold with Patterns

When we painted our concrete patio, I opted for stripes and it seemed easier than a complicated pattern. With all the choices of stencils on the market, you can definitely make any pattern you’d like with a stencil or just painter’s tape!

Look at how A Beautiful Mess updated this stunning concrete patio.

Geometric black and white pattern on outdoor patio.

Annie from Zevy Joy inspired me to paint my concrete. Isn’t her patio gorgeous?

Stencilled floor, outdoor table and chairs, outdoor light.

Jenna from Jenna Sue Design managed to stencil her entire concrete patio under Florida sun and pregnant! Her homes are always a treat to view.

Stencill pattern outdoor floor.

Coco from The Crowned Goat stencilled a concrete floor in her house and she tells me it still looks like new!

Stencilled concrete with grey walls and grey chair.

If you don’t want to paint an entire concrete patio, why not just a section to create a rug like Jen from The House of Wood.

Patio wood table on stencilled concrete.

Sheena from Bean in Love shares some great tips on getting into those tricky areas.

You should also see how she created her own stencil!

Beige floor with white pattern on it.

Becky from Homestead 128 shows you show you can create that stencil tile look and how you can also do it anywhere concrete is at your home.

Grey and white pattern on front door landing.

I hope you enjoyed these concrete patios and floors and it inspires you to try it yourself!

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10 painted concrete ideas with lots of real life examples.
10 painted concrete patio ideas.

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  1. I love the concrete patios, they are beautiful. I can’t believe the amount of work it took to stencil them, it had to have taken hours & hours. I don’t think I would have had the willpower to finish it, they are too large. Hats off to those ladies for their hard work it’s gorgeous & they should be very proud.

    1. Yes, some of them literally took hours and hours! I agree, they should be very proud. I painted stripes to make it a bit easier!
      Hugs, Jamie

  2. We are hoping to paint our patio this year as well, but I can tell you now, my husband won’t have the patience for doing a pattern. I’ll be happy with one color!

  3. Thank you so much for including the stenciled floor we created for the bedroom in this post, Jamie! It was a high impact budget friendly flooring option we still love to this day. Hope you have the best weekend! Hugs, CoCo

  4. I love the image of that black and white geometric pattern on the patio with all of the white patio furniture. I imagine that having a good-sized patio and backyard helps with the pouring and painting part of the process. If I were to do this in my backyard, I would definitely get help putting in the concrete, and then try to do the painting myself!

  5. They’re all beautiful. How do you fill in a whole in the concrete? I am wanting to paint my concrete but not sure how to fill it in before painting it?

  6. I would love for you to share what finish paint you used – satin, semigloss, etc? I’m not a fan of the shiny but I know it’s also easier to hose off and keep clean. Thanks!

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