Pantry Reveal With Lots of Tips

I organized my pantry and found so many different ways of organizing all the different items.

A pantry with wooden shelves and a wire rack.

Let me show you how I organized my pantry just off my kitchen with lots of different storage ideas and tips!

Just off my kitchen there’s a long hallway that leads to the garage door and laundry room. My kitchen doesn’t have enough space for an actual pantry so I utilized this closet as a pantry and today I’ll show you how I did it and share all the tips I have to keep it organized!

A hallway with wooden floors and white doors.

This is the closet that I turned into a pantry and just beside the two closet doors was another closet! With so many closets, we turned one of them into a mini butler pantry/coffee station.

A white shelf with a coffee maker on it, and below is some clear glass jars with sugar, flour, and brown sugar on a white cabinet.

To give you an idea of what I started with this, this is what my ‘pantry’ looked like before.

A pantry with multiple shelves cluttered with food items.
A before picture of the pantry with boxes of food items and baking sheets all cluttered together.

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Because this closet was so big, things just became messy over time and needed to be organized and STAY organized.

How I Organized My Closet Pantry with 14 Tips!

1. Paint 

I painted the inside of the closet with some leftover paint.

I thought I might keep it in order more if the walls were pretty. It seems to have worked!

2. Store bulky items 

I took big, bulky appliances from the kitchen and stored them in this pantry as well which freed up more space in the kitchen for everyday items.

An organized pantry with items neatly stacked in bins.

3. Organize creatively

I used a variety of different organizing items to keep things in their proper place.

Using a hanging magazine/file folder holder was great for keeping garbage bags and diaper genie bags in place.

This kitchen wrap organizer is perfect for holding plastic wrap and bags.

A wire rack on the wall with garbage bags in it, but racks on the shelves.

4. Clear shoe boxes

These are my favorite for so many things around the house! Group like items together (like roasting utensils, cookie cutters) and label them in their own plastic box. They are easy to stack and easy to see inside.

Clear bins housing vitamins, cake decorating supplies and cookie cutters.

5. Labelled glass sealed canisters

Have a section for different baking items and dried pasta labelled in glass sealed canisters.

I also keep a container to keep all the pasta sauces together.

Clear glass jars with sugar and flour and pasta sauce on the shelf.

6. Keep oils and vinegars together in plastic containers

I hate when bottles of oils drip onto the shelves. Keep everything clean and in order by grouping these items together and putting them in a clear plastic container like the clear shoe box.

7. Sealed canisters

I keep my all-purpose flour, sugar, chocolate chips and cornmeal in these sealed plastic canisters as they are used most often in our house.

Oil, syrup and chocolate chips in containers in the pantry.

8. Soup can dispensers 

Soup can dispensers are such a space saver. Using vertical space is so important in a pantry.

9. Metal shelving units

Stacking shelving units are great for adding more vertical space and holding smaller items.

10. Organizers for packets

If you have taco seasoning packets and spice bags, divided organizers are great for holding them.

Soup cans on a wire rack in pantry plus cans and spices.

11. Add tray dividers to hold all your baking sheets upright.

Do you see all those baking sheets near the bottom? Tray dividers are an inexpensive and great use of the vertical space.

Side view of the pantry shelves with the baking sheets on the bottom organized.

12. Store snacks in containers and label them

Keep porridge packs and granola bars in handy organizers and kids can grab them easily.

Clear plastic containers with granola bars, porridge and gummies.

13. Use larger baskets and containers to hold group bigger items.

Corral boxed items together and label them. When you pull the basket out, it acts like a drawer.

Crackers and cookies in white bins on the shelf.

14. wall spice rack

This is the greatest space saver of all time! If you can put a wall hanging spice rack up like this, you’ll save so much space.

A spice rack on the back of the door with wire shelves of racks of spices.

I hope this helps you to get your pantry organized and to maybe think of using a closet for your pantry if you have one.

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14 Storage Ideas for the Pantry.

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  1. Wow! Great job! My pantry resembled this one a few months ago, but it seems to have gone back to its old ways again. Thanks for the inspiration to get it back on track!

  2. Love this pantry organization, Jamie! We have a similar pantry situation in our house. It’s a hall closet and we use it for overflow pantry items, linens, medicines & cleaning storage. I’m working on our guest bath & master bath right now to get some of the linen/medicine items moved into the bathrooms so that we can utilize some more of that pantry space. This is great inspiration!
    – Lora

    1. Good luck with your organization! It’s always hard to figure out where everything goes at first but once it’s all done, it hopefully stays that way LOL
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. This is just wonderful, Jamie! You had some great tips, too! I have a pantry in my kitchen that is adequate, but you make me wish I had one of those long hallway-type closets. There is a benefit to a smaller pantry for us, I have to keep it pretty well organized. Always looking for the positive, that would be me….lol!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Carol! I have to laugh because I wish I had a smaller pantry closer to the kitchen LOL. Grass is always greener 😉 Have a great day!
      Jamie @ somuchbetterwithage.com

  4. Awesome! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I have to go and tidy up in my pantry now… it’s already organised with Tupperware containers, labelled and so on. I just need to organise the bottom shelves which are filled with spare Tupperware… Better start before I change my mind lol Autumn greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  5. This is exactly what I’ve needed to see. I am so disgruntled every time I open my pantry! Where did you get that amazing spice rack??

    Beautiful job!

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  7. I think most of these ideas are fantastic and very do-able. The only thing is that in one picture, it looks like you have things hanging on the inside of a cabinet door and if you were to close that door it would hit the things stored on the shelf.


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