Plaster Dipped Flower Art Video

These plaster dipped flowers made into art are so easy to make and a unique way to add artwork to your home.

3D plaster dipped flowers on canvas.

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This project is from my book French Vintage Decor and I’ve created a video on how you can easily make this artwork for your home.

I love how the 3D effect of this artwork and it’s so easy and fun to make. You could use any faux flowers you’d like and and paint the canvas any color you like to match the decor of your home.

Flowers on canvas on wall, cream pillows on chair and candelabra.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy.

Here are the supplies you need in order to complete this DIY project.


White plaster flowers on canvas on wall.

Sidebar:  It’s important to follow the directions very carefully as plaster of paris is used to make casts on limbs and once hardened will become very difficult to remove.

Directions for part 1 – plaster:

A stainless steel bowl and a bag of plaster.

1.Lay out drop cloth and sheets of aluminum foil to dry the flowers on.

The plaster mixed with water.

2. Move and spread the flowers to the way you want them and cut any excess leaves you may not want. 

3. Follow directions on the package to mix to the right consistency. 

4. Wearing gloves, dip the faux flowers into the plaster mix and swirl around to coat every part.  

The bowl with the plaster mixture.

5. Lay the flowers on the aluminum foil to dry.  Let dry 24 hours. 

Directions for Part 2 – canvas:

Now you can create a beautiful 3D floral art piece with the plaster dipped flowers you just made. 

1. Paint the canvases with 2 coats of paint drying about 1-2 hours between coats. 

A board that is painted white.

2. Center where you want the flowers are going to be placed on the canvases (one floral stem per canvas. 

3. Turn the dried flower stem over and line hot glue on the back side every where it is flat. 

The plastered flower on the board.

4. Quickly flip over and gently press the flowers into the canvas. 

5. Repeat for the second floral stem and canvas


Be sure to watch my YouTube video!

What did you think? Easy and fun, right?

Let me know if you created your very own art piece with plaster dipped flowers in the comments below!

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  1. These are beautiful. I don’t have wall space in my home, otherwise I would be doing this today. So creative.

  2. I loved your book Jamie and adore this project. Super simple and elegant!!
    Thank you for sharing this project at Create, Bake, Grow & Gather this week. I’m delighted to be featuring your plaster dipped flower art at tonight’s party and pinning too.

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