Rustic Industrial Cabin in the Woods

Come see my new rustic industrial cabin that is set in the woods!

I have some awesome news to share with you today!!

(no, I’m not pregnant!)

Ready for it?

I’m SUPER excited because it means I get to decorate another place….

What could it be?

Rustic Industrial cabin in the woods mood board.

My hubby and I recently purchased a getaway cabin in the woods! EEK!

Of course, I couldn’t be more excited to decorate another place.

So I’m going to be sharing lots of upcoming blog posts about our renovation journey and will be sure to include many before and after photos.

Renovations haven’t started yet so don’t worry, I won’t be bombarding you but I just couldn’t wait to share the news with you.

I made a little mood board of the rustic style I’m going for.

And thank god all the furniture I’ve been hoarding for years will finally be paying off, woohoo!

So here is my plan – Rustic Industrial cabin in the woods

  1. Tile that looks like wood.
  2. Kitchen with white cabinets and rustic open shelves.
  3. I love my old suitcases and I have a few for this cabin already!
  4. I scored some black barstools at the RH outlet in Seattle recently.
  5. I MUST have the Industrial blingy chandelier from Decor Steals or hopefully can find something similar.
  6. There are some modern elements to the cabin that we won’t be changing so that Ikea couch will be the perfect fit (crazy of me, isn’t it? Modern? ME?)
  7. Of course, no Rustic cabin in the woods would be complete without some antlers or taxidermy (faux, of course).

I’ll be sure to keep you posted as our renovations progress!

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