A Simple Decorated Sugar Cookie Tree

I made a simple but festive decorated sugar cookie tree with my kids.

A simple decorated sugar cookie tree on a plate.

I love to bake! It was my hobby as a teenager and I’m still using the same sugar cookie recipe that I’ve had since high school cooking class. I love to bake sugar cookies at Christmastime but the decorating of each cookie can be daunting.

I found a cookie cutter set that you can make into a cookie tree and which only needed minimal decorating for.Perfect for this time of year.

With my kids now out of school for Christmas vacation, they helped bake with me today and my daughter was around for all these photos.

The sugar cookie tree on a plate with red dots of icing.

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This is my favorite sugar cookie recipe that I’ve had since high school with this cookie cutter tree set.

You just need a little bit of icing (or frosting) in between each cookie and assemble it on a plate. I also used four large marshmallows as a ‘trunk’. (Initially I was putting mini marshmallows between each cookie but then scrapped that idea as it was topping over).

Icing the sugar cookie.
Building the sugar cookie tree.

I always make my own icing but I just grabbed store-bought red icing to decorate it, spread coconut flakes on the plate, and dusted it all with icing sugar. A mini marshmallow becomes the star.

My kids had a great time baking with me and I didn’t spend hours in the kitchen baking.

Red icing and icing sugar on the cookie tree.

And the best part was that they could start eating it right away.

A little girl grabbing a cookie to eat.

I’ve never shown you this little table of theirs that sits in front of this gorgeous window right in between the kitchen and living room.

A small children's table with cookie tree on it.

Their little area is all decorated for Christmas too.

A white high chair with a stuffed animal in it.

All these precious little moments are the best this time of year, aren’t they?

Christmas decorations on the little table.

Be sure to check out the recipe below. Happy holidays!

Make sure to pin it for later!

How to Make a Sugar Cookie Tree.

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