Split Pea Wreath

I love the simplicity of this beautiful split pea wreath that I made for fall but can be used in spring or summer to!

Split Pea Wreath - So Much Better With Age

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I’ve seen split pea wreaths around Pinterest and I wanted to make one myself!

I love simple wreaths and wanted to make one for fall. I made two for my double front doors.

They are really easy to make but warning…a bit messy.

Perfect job for the kids!

So here’s what you need for to make the wreaths:


  • straw wreath
  • 1 bag of split peas per wreath
  • not regular glue, use Mod Podge {I tried the regular glue, it worked okay}
  • gloves

Split Pea Wreath / gathering supplies for the wreath - So Much Better With Age


1. Go outside and set up a work station on your kids tiny picnic table.

2. Spread tons of Mod Podge glue on the inside area of the wreath with a chip or foam brush.

3. Grab a handful of split peas on press it on the glue.

4. Keep spreading glue and putting on peas all around the wreath.

5. Let areas dry for awhile  and go back and spread on more glue and fill the holes with more split peas.

6. Keep gluing, adding peas, letting dry and do over and over until it seems done 😉

Split Pea Wreath / gluing the peas onto the wreath form - So Much Better With Age

Split Pea Wreath / up close picture of wreath with split peas on table - So Much Better With Age

Split Pea Wreath / the peas being glued down onto the wreath - So Much Better With Age

You’ll see the spots that are bare that you’ll have to go over and fill later.

Split Pea Wreath / filling the bare spots on the wreath - So Much Better With Age

I used a straw wreath so if the parts of the straw show through it still looks purdy 😉

Split Pea Wreath / the wreath is made of straw - So Much Better With Age

I made two for two doors, in case that wasn’t clear.

Split Pea Wreath / double wreath on double doors - So Much Better With Age

The kids loved helping me!

Split Pea Wreath / the kids helping make the wreath - So Much Better With Age

Now I feel like some soup…

 Split Pea Wreath / wreath hanging on fireplace - So Much Better With Age

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    1. Thanks so much, Krista! Yes, I’m always looking for something that the kids can help me with and anything that has glue in it, my son is all over! Hence the dish gloves we’re wearing LOL.

    1. haha, well it actually didn’t take as long as I thought it would. But very messy!
      One is in the mail to you 😉 jk

  1. What a cute idea! I cannot imagine how much trouble they were for you, falling off and trying not to stick, lol. They look great!
    I linked over from Make the Scene Monday Party where I am participating too with Spooky Spider Card and would love it if you’d stop by.
    Hugs, Antonella 🙂

  2. What a great project…and what beautiful results…would love it if you came by and shared at One More Time Evnetshttp://www.onemoretimeevents.com/2013/09/share-it-one-more-time-at-one-more-time.html Tammy

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