The Most Gorgeous French Chandeliers

An amazing collection of the most gorgeous French chandeliers to buy online.

A beautiful ornate chandelier hanging above a wooden dining room table.

I love those stylish rustic French chandeliers with the big swooping arms and lights that look like candles. I had to have one in this house but with only 8 foot ceilings I knew it would be a challenge. Most of these enchanting chandeliers are really large and double tiered. They make a grand appearance and are stunning just on their own.

I’ve sourced an extensive collection of the most gorgeous French chandeliers that you can buy online and I’ve included the one I have in my own dining room.

If you have regular 8 foot high ceilings like my house, be sure to measure well before choosing and only pick one tier. If I were to follow the light fixture rules, this chandelier would probably be too big for my dining room but I didn’t care. I love the grand statement it makes.

 If you have a two-story ceiling height, a two-tiered French chandelier would fit perfectly.

A wooden table and chairs, flowers on the table and a Mora Clock in the dining room.

Let me show you my list of the most gorgeous French chandeliers!

Be sure to check the dimensions on each of these chandeliers before you buy. Some of them are huge and some are quite small.

20 French chandeliers graphic.

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Italian 6 Light by Aidan Gray

Same light – European Country Italian

European country chandelier.

Lena by Aidan Gray

Lena Aidan Gray chandelier.

Charlemagne by Aidan Gray

Charlemagne Aidan Gray graphic.

Grand Arielle by Aidan Gray

 Grand Arielle chandelier with rustic metal.

Landini by Aidan Gray

 Landini chandelier.

Leuven by Aidan Gray

 Leuven Aidan Gray white and metal chandelier.

Chantilly French Country Parisian Blue White

 Chantilly chandelier with candle lights.

Armand French Country Grey Wood Finial

 Armand French Country rustic looking chandelier.

Katrina Antique Silver French Country 14 Light

A large Katrina French Country chandelier.

Ravel French Country Carved Wood 8 Light

 Ravel French Country chandelier.

Maison French Country Antique White 9 Light

The Most Gorgeous French Chandeliers Maison French Country metal chandelier.

Maison French Country Antique White 8 Light

 Maison 8 light chandelier poster.

La Maison 6 Light by Quorum

 La Maison white and metal chandelier with candle light detail.

Marion French Country White Washed 6 Light

Marion French Country chandelier with gold leaves on it.

Pauline French Country 8 Light Curled Arm

 Pauline French Country chandelier.

Provence French Country White & Grey Wash 12 Light

 Provence French Country metal and wood.

Matheo French Country Gold 6 Light

 Matheo French Country with ornate gold on it.

Drumboe 6 Light

 Drumboe chandelier poster.

Paladino 6 Light Style

 Paladino a large chandelier with gold and metal.

Same light on Amazon

Paladino white chandelier.

This was the first photo I took of my chandelier in my new house two years ago.

The Most Gorgeous French Chandeliers / French Vintage dining room - So Much Better With Age

I simply love these chandeliers and I know you will too. I will never tire of their beautiful French look.

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The Most Gorgeous French Chandeliers/ 20 French Gorgeous Chandeliers poster.

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  1. I have two Aidan Gray chandeliers and a set of sconces. I absolutely love them. The one in my living room is very similar to your #6, except it has “black” candles which look more like a soft gray. So gorgeous. Can’t wait to see what you ordered and I’m sure you’ll love it.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous Jamie. Anyone of those are great choices but I can see how the room space/size would dictate your options. Can’t wait to see it!

  3. Well we must have the exact same taste in light fixtures because I have two of your selections and the one you ultimately chose for your dining room has been on my wish list since I moved into my home! Gorgeous chandeliers!

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