Tiny Vintage Mudroom Makeover – Before and After

This tiny laundry room was made a bit bigger and turned into a tiny vintage mudroom! Check out all the before and after photos.Tiny Vintage Mudroom Makeover - So Much Better With Age

Today I’m sharing with you the laundry room/mudroom. And it’s really tiny especially compared to the monstrosity I had in my previous house. The majority of people have tiny mudrooms so I know this post is going to help you tremendously when doing any creative home renovations.

There are brushes on the wall in the laundry room.

By removing a small hall closet and adding it to the laundry room, I was able to gain some extra space and make it truly functional.

So here is the laundry room BEFORE right off the front entrance, first thing you see when you walk in.

This was the shot I took when I first toured the house.

Before shot of the room with open shelving.

 Here is a shot facing straight to the back of the room.

A small window and an off white color.

Here is a shot to the left where the dryer is. These are stackable dryer/washing machines so it’s odd that the previous owner didn’t stack them.

Notice to the immediate left of the shot that there’s a wall. The other side of that wall is the hall coat closet that we removed to add space in here.

Products clutter the open shelves in the laundry room.

Now here are the after shots!

I bought all these antique brushes last year on Etsy and love how they add some ‘creative art’ to the space to make it vintage.

After shot with vintage brushes on the wall.
There is a vintage wash board on the wall.
Cubby shelves replace the open shelving.
Up close shot of the brushes on the wall.

These built-in cubbies and drawers for shoes were a must to organize the gear that stays in here.

There are hooks with jackets on it and a crock on the bench.
A black front door is just off the laundry room.

This laundry art was actually a little laundry bag that I framed. Up close you can see all the fabric wrinkles. I just love it.

French laundry sign artwork.

This sink is tiny (of course) but a way better use of this space than the massive laundry tub. It’s also where I clean and store all my paintbrushes.

Tiny Vintage Mudroom Makeover / small but pretty sink area - So Much Better With Age
Tiny Vintage Mudroom Makeover / sink with cleaning supplies laundry room - So Much Better With Age

I keep the brushes stored in the pretty jars I painted.

Tiny Vintage Mudroom Makeover / painted mason jars storing paint brushes - So Much Better With Age
Tiny Vintage Mudroom Makeover / paint by sink - So Much Better With Age

The crocks are great to hold items like umbrellas, scarves, mittens etc. for different times of the year.

Tiny Vintage Mudroom Makeover / crocks - So Much Better With Age

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I hope you enjoyed this tour today! I’ve listed as many of the sources as I can think of below.

Source List:

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Tiny Vintage Mudroom Makeover - So Much Better With Age



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    1. Thanks Ali!
      I’m sorry for the long delay, I must have missed your comment! Yes the countertop is quartz: Vicostone quartz BQ8220 Carrara polished. I used that quartz in my kitchen and in my 3 bathroom countertops and laundry room countertop. I love it! I also used it in my previous house. It stands up to anything.
      Hugs, Jamie

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