Vintage Neutral Fall Tour

Take a peek at my Fall Home Tour decorated in Vintage Neutrals!

Gray neutral shelf with books on it.

I’m very excited to share with you my fall home tour. My pied-a-tierre has been decorated in Vintage Neutrals that has made my space feel cozy and look beautiful for fall!

So here is my Vintage Neutral Fall Tour.Vintage pictures hanging in living room above side table.

I. Love. Neutrals. If you’ve been a reader of my blog for more than five minutes, you will have guessed that already.

So how do you decorate for fall when you don’t care for fall colors?

(Did you notice the toile chairs I recently made over?) 

Suitcases with a vintage vibe underneath side table.

Easy! You just do what you love!

I added a few floral touches, blue hydrangeas, some cotton branches.

Beautiful blue hydrangeas in steel basket on side table.

And some grey velvet pumpkins.

I wanted to add plaid but not orange or red plaid so I found this plaid throw at Home Sense.

A throw over the couch and a lit candle are just simple touches to making your home feel warm and cozy.

A blue and white throw blanket on the couch.

I believe that you can make anything work for any season and have it match your decor. You don’t have to go with traditional colors for the season.

The flowers and branches look beautiful in the olive bucket.
Flowers in the olive bucket on table.

This burlap tablecloth was so easy to make and you can purchase the Paris artwork here.

Burlap tablecloth on side table in living room.

My fall printable looks great on the table with the pumpkins and sugar cookie candle.

Velvet gray pumpkin on side table.

I’m obsessed with crocks if you haven’t noticed. You should check out my Crock-Mas Tree!

Crocks on side table in living room.

Finally I added a few little decor items to the new bookshelf in my new office space.

Containers full of office supplies on shelf.

Wooden table with crocks and flowers on it.

Thank you so much for being on this tour with me!

Vintage Neutral Fall Tour poster.

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  1. Your home is so calming and elegant! I love neutrals too but this year decided to add a touch of orange and yellow. You do neautrals beautifully with texture. I love everything about your home.

  2. Your home looks really pretty. I’ve never seen crocks like the ones on the left. They remind me of little toad houses. 😉 I’m going to snoop around and see if you talked about them before.

  3. Good Morning!
    You would never ever think you were renting, you have made your home welcoming, soothing and gorgeous! I love neutrals and hydrangeas,pumpkins and olive buckets.
    Beautiful inspiration for a French Vintage landscape!

  4. Jamie, though I loved the homes you recently left, I feel that this look is much more you. It is relaxed and lends whimsy and just seems warmer. I worry over you like a daughter. (Our little secret.) You’re strong, girl, and your home says: “This is my turf, and it says who I am.” I’m so proud of you! And so happy you’ve made a for-now home so beautiful. You landed on your feet, just like I knew you would. Hard to keep a strong woman down, isn’t it? Cue in Helen Reddy…

    1. Thank you SO MUCH for your sweet comment and inviting me on this tour and always sending me the sweetest emails. Thanks for being there for me, Brenda. You are a true friend.
      Hugs, Jamie

  5. I love your neutral palette!!
    Gotta agree with Stacey, I am now officially obsessed with the crocks on the table on the left.
    Are they honey crocks??
    Please tell!!
    What a lovely, cozy, sweet home.

  6. I love neutrals too. They’re so relaxing and soothing, and they seem to stand the test of time.

    It’s truly hard to believe you’re renting Jamie! We rented a couple of years ago for a year and I just couldn’t get my mojo into it.

    Your wood tones and lovely touches are so easy on the eyes!

    1. Thanks so much, Doreen. It’s a lot of work but I thought I was going to be here for one month but it’s already been four months so I’m glad I decorated. Worth the effort but I agree, hard to find the motivation for it!
      Hugs, Jamie

  7. Jamie, I love the neutral palette! It is so soft, warm and inviting! I’m a huge fan of neutrals and this all comes together beautifully! I will definitely read your post on those chairs…loving those and the velvet pumpkins. I am also impressed by your gallery wall…I’ve wanted to do one but have always been intimidated by them! And yes, Brenda is a sweetheart and I love being able to chat with her on the phone…she’s just priceless!

    1. Aww, thanks for the sweet comment, Benita. The gallery wall looks intimidating but easy. You just have to start and not worry if you nail them in wrong at first. Just start again.
      Hugs, Jamie

  8. Beautiful as always, friend! I’m not usually into the traditional fall colors either. You definitely know how to rock some neutral fall decor like no other, Jamie. LOVE those velvet pumpkins.

  9. Hi Jamie 🙂

    I can’t believe this is a rental! You’ve truly turned it into a home, even if it’s a temporary one. Although you have a neutral color scheme, your home is warm and cozy, and you picked the perfect things to add to it for Fall. Well done!


  10. Where did you find the olive bucket? I’ve been searching for one of those everywhere. (Vancouver/Lower Mainland area) thanks in advance, Susan. PS. Love your neutrals!

    1. Hi Susan, I live in the same area and haven’t found one here either. I got mine through Decor Steals/Antique Farmhouse. I’ve added a link above. If you sign up for their emails, they become available every now and then. They have daily vintage sales.
      Hope that helps!
      Hugs, Jamie

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