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What to Bring on a Beach Picnic & Printable List

I have a free printable included in this guide on what to bring to a beach picnic!

What to Bring on a Beach Picnic & Printable List - So Much Better With Age

There are a few key elements you need for the perfect beach picnic that I’ll share with you today and I have a printable you can download that includes the complete list.

First and foremost, you need a picnic basket. I had one years ago but it was green and navy and smelled kinda musty. I knew I wanted to replace it.

This light wicker picnic basket with polka dot interior fabric made in France is definitely an upgrade!

An opened picnic basket with plates and a bottle opener.

There’s no better way to force yourself to relax and slow down on a weekend than packing up a picnic basket and heading to a park or beach.

Take stock of what your picnic basket includes and grab any other essential items. The one thing I have added to stay in here is a knife to cut bread with.

The picnic basket that has wine glasses and a bottle of wine.

I make sure to grab a bottle of wine like this beautiful bottle of rose that is already chilled.

Just make sure to check your city’s bylaws on what you can bring to the beach. Usually wine is fine. Sparkling cider is a nice alternative.

Plates, wine opener and wine glasses are usually included in most picnic baskets.

Napkins and a picnic blanket.

This beautiful picnic basket comes with a little cooler bag so I popped in a little freezer pack and some grapes and strawberries.

Fruit, cheeses and some deli meats are the perfect picnic food.

Think ‘France’ when you think picnics – wine, baguette, fruit, cheeses, meats. Food that is easy to transport and filling enough to eat for lunch.

A plate with grapes and cheese on it.

I brought two demi baguettes (small baguettes) so they could fit in the picnic basket along with a couple of soft cheeses such as brie.

This picnic basket comes with a cutting board, flatware and napkins so be sure to check on those items as well.

Bread, brie and grapes on the blanket.
A bunch of white roses are on the picnic blanket.

The basket itself serves as a handy place to set your glasses on.

Two glasses of wine.

Be sure to bring a blanket, a book and possibly a pillow. It’s time to relax.

You might want to bring a beach chair if you have a hard time sitting on a blanket but logs on the beach provide a natural chair too.

This basket has a large carrying strap which makes it easy to carry everything in and out.

The flowers on top of the picnic basket by the beach.

Now it’s time to enjoy the view and relax.

Why not spend the day at one of your nearby parks or beaches and bring a beautiful curated picnic basket along with you.

I can’t wait to do more of this this summer.

A shot of the ocean.

More Picnic Baskets:

A shot of the beach with logs.


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What to Bring on a Beach Picnic
What to Bring on a Picnic - Free Picnic List Printable - So Much Better With Age

Disclosure: Thank you to Amara for the beautiful picnic basket. 

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  1. I didn’t realize about your beaches, but am curious to see more as you share this summer. Love the basket Jamie!

  2. Summertime is all about picnics. Love the basket and so special you live where you can enjoy the beach. My husband and I lived on the coast of Virginia for many years, we would enjoy a picnic on the beach in the evenings.

    Happy Memorial Weekend to you and yours,

    1. Thanks Sandra. An evening picnic sounds lovely! I’m doing that this summer. We just celebrated our Victoria day long weekend here in Canada but Happy Memorial Weekend to you!
      Hugs, Jamie

  3. Jamie, the picnic basket is beautiful, I love it’s shape! We used to have picnics on the beach all the time, and haven’t in a long while. This makes me want to plan one soon!

    1. I love the shape of it too. It’s not your typical boxy shape. I love the polka dots inside too and leather. So stylish! Hope you find yourself picnicking this summer!
      Hugs, Jamie

    1. I know! I have friends that have picnic baskets and have never been used, ever. There really is nothing better. Thanks Holly!
      Hugs, Jamie

  4. Though I love the basket and all it contains for a great picnic – it was listed at $305! That’s a whole lot more than the cost of what you put in it!

    1. Yes, baguette and brie is perfection for a picnic! Any park would make a lovely picnic but I know what you mean 😉
      Hugs, Jamie

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