Wine Crate To Serving Tray

This easy DIY project will show you how to turn a wine crate into a serving tray!

Did you know I’m a contributor at Jennifer Rizzo.com? This may not be new news to you but if you are a new reader here then I’d thought you might like to know!

Last month I did this super fun little DIY project by turning an old wine crate into a serving tray.

It’s been stained, painted, distressed, and now ready to serve!

I love entertaining and what a better way than to add some rustic-ness to your decor at the same time.

Also, this tray is sooo sturdy you don’t have to feel like your beverages are going to topple over.

Wooden drawer with mason jars filled with a beverage and cookies in it.

Find out how to turn your own wine crate into a serving tray! Please read the full tutorial at Jennifer Rizzo.

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  1. Oooh that is SO SMART! My girls are always tipping their drinks over (we are a clumsy bunch) this would really save my living room rug, and sanity. Next sleepover this is a must!

  2. We did something similar, with two exceptions. Because the name on the crate was our favorite wine (Chateau Ste. Michelle), we protected it with a clear coat. Also, instead of the drawer handles, we used old flatware (two old serving spoons, silverplate I think), bent them in the middle and attached to the ends for handles!

  3. what a great idea!! I like that your drinks will stay nice and stable with the tray being a little deeper. Stopping by from Tweak it Tuesday. Thanks for sharing!

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