Burlap Stencilled Chair

I will show you how I transformed this old chair into a burlap stenciled beauty!

Two chairs one with a stenciled seat on and the other is the before image.

I found this old, ugly, rickety chair in the back alley behind our old house on one of my stroller walks a couple of years ago. We’ve moved from that house since but I dragged that chair with us when we moved and then put it in the crawl space. I’ve always meant to do something with it but it’s just been sitting on my list of DIY projects to do. Finally I hauled it up out of the dungeon and went to work on it!

An old chair with the seat missing.

It obviously needed a fresh coat of paint. Here it is after sanding it in preparation for paint.

Obviously, the seat is missing so I had my hubby cut a piece of MDF into a circular shape that fit nicely into that seat area.

The chair outside being readied for painting.

I covered the piece of MDF with a foam piece and some quilting batting (sorry I didn’t take photos of the step-by-step process, never thought I’d have a blog when I did this DIY project!).

I bought a dropcloth and washed it. Drop cloths make the best fabric! Just be sure to wash and dry it a few times to soften it up 😉

The burlap cushion on the chair which is stencilled.

After I stapled the dropcloth to the bottom of the MDF seat, I screwed it into the chair from the underside of the seat.

I felt like it needed a vintage touch so I stencilled some French designs on it. I found this vute stencil from Michael’s {Martha Stewart Collection}. It now sits in our foyer. A nice place to set your bag down when you come over to visit and I added some new hooks above the chair to hang your coat.

French designs stencilled onto the chair.
I love this French stencil design.
Up close picture of the intricate design.
So there you have it! A simple burlap DIY stenciled chair project!
The picture of the before and after chair.

Hope you have a great day!

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    1. Thanks Lisa! I know, I haven’t shown anyone my blog really. I was trying to get it started before baby was born. Now that she’s here, I’ll get it back started in a few months and definitely join parties!

  1. So glad I found this post – I just covered my dining room chairs in drop cloth too and I’ve been wanting to stencil them as well but I’m not sure how well the fabric paint will hold up to daily use – any advise? Also, what color did you use for the stencil? I’m looking to get a dark gray almost black color but afraid that it will rub off on clothing when people sit on the chairs. Thanks so much! Love your decorating style!

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