Christmas Giveaway – Week 2

It’s Christmas Giveaway week 2! Enter to win below.

It’s week 2 of my Christmas Giveaway and this week I’m giving away – Sarah Style by Sarah Richardson.

Congratulations to Tabitha P. who won the book Young House Love by Sherry and Jon Petersik!

Here is Christmas Giveaway List for a total of 7 weeks:

  1. Nov 2nd – Young House Love by Sherry & John Petersik
  2. Nov 9th – Sarah Style by Sarah Richardson
  3. Nov 16th – Elements of  Style by Erin Gates
  4. Nov 23rd – Decorating for Real Life by Wendy Hyde
  5. Nov 30th – The Nesting Place by Myquillyn Smith
  6. Dec 7th – Life in Seasons by Vanessa Hunt and Heather Patterson
  7. Dec 14th – Secret Paris colouring book with pencil crayons

Be sure to enter now for this week’s Christmas Giveaway!

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  1. Sarah’s various shows have always been some of my favorite. She is so down-to-earth and decorates in a very livable style.

  2. I have not…I don’t watch any decorating shows because I rarely watch tv alone & no one else in my house would watch decorating!

  3. Such a wonderful book for a giveaway! I would certainly love to read it! Thank you for offering it for a gift 😊

  4. When I had cable tv, I always looked forward to relaxing by my tv aand enjoying Sarah’s show. Such beautiful, livable, decor! I miss not being able to watch her decor shows.

  5. I LOVE Sarah’s shows! Especially the way she likes to use quilts to decorate with ( I write a quilting blog 🙂 ). And yes, I know she’s Canadian …so am I. 🙂

  6. I never missed Sarah’ shows when they aired. Her decorating is beautiful and I wish we had more shows to watch. Thanks for this opportunity to possibly have a copy of Sarah’s book.

  7. I love, love, love Sarah Richardson! I used to record her show when we got it here in the US. I watched them over and over.

  8. YES! I have watch Sarah Richardson’s many shows. I love her seemingly effortless way to add patterns and colors, much like you! I did know she was Canadian like you. You are both gracious and creative ladies. Please let me win her book. 🙂

  9. I’ve watched Sarah (and Tommy) from the beginning. I miss her shows, but follow her blog and hope she’s back on US television soon!

  10. I love Sarah! I watched her shows all the time. I enjoy her decorating style! Thank you for the chance to win her book!

  11. I do know that she is a fellow Canadian from Toronto. I have always loved her shows back to the start when she was teaching us how to decorate our Christmas tree and on a particular show, she was teaching us how to make stuffed birds for the tree. Love all of her work and totally enjoy her own home and cottage.

  12. I’ve watched Sarah evolve into a World Class designer since the early 2000’s with her first show, “Room Service”. That is when she made all her own pillows and curtains to incorporate into her designs. Yes, I knew she was Canadian and that was also part of the appeal for me. This would be a lovely gift to receive.

  13. Love Sarah’s style and miss seeing her shows…would so enjoy her book. Thank you for the opportunity to win it. =)

  14. I have watched her shows ever since she was a stylist on a show with Nick Maholowich (not sure of the spelling). She was just starting out then. I love her style of decorating and watch her shows all the time!!!

  15. I have always enjoyed watching Sarah and Tommy and how their minds work when determining what fabrics, hardscapes, etc. to use to liven up an old place or make a new space something special. I didn’t realize she was Canadian until her show was no longer being shown by my network and I found it had been showing from a Canadian station. I was totally disappointed. Looking forward to seeing her/them again soon.

  16. I have enjoyed watching Sarah Richardson on TV. She has had a lot of advice that I put into affect. Her choice of paint colors and use of wood where needed always looks so good. I would really like her book!

  17. Love Her style and I always loved watching her and her sidekick going through the decision making progress. They make a great team.

  18. I’ve followed a few of Sarah’s shows. She has some great decorating ideas.
    And yes, I know she’s a Canadian.😀Some of our family is too!

  19. I just love Sarah’s design. I have watch ed her shows and even in syndication because I am from Quebec and it translated in french.

  20. I would love to win Sarah’s book. Her colorful traditional style is so long inspiring. Thanks for having this giveaway.

  21. I love Sarah’s shows. I did know she was from Canada, from the credits of the shows. I haven’t seen them lately, used to watch on HGTV.

  22. Sadly I have never had the pleasure of watching Sarah’s show. I have to see if it is on our cable channel. I would love the opportunity to win her book!

  23. Oh yes indeed how I love Sarah Richardson’s shows. Once on my way to California I stopped for a few days in Las Vegas and watched a marathon of her shows which lasted like 10 hours. No joke! My husband only allowed this because we were on vacation and also because I was 5 months pregnant. I love that she is Canadian and often you can hear her accent when she is talking and if one looks close enough you can catch a glimpse of the Canadian beauty in the background of many of her shows especially when she did the series of her redo of husband’s old bachelor pad on an island. Would gobble this book up if I were the lucky one to receive it! 🙂

  24. I have never watched her show, but it is because I am Italian and I do not have the chance to watch it here. It would be interesting to read the book! 🙂

  25. I have watched all of Sarah’s shows, even from way back when she was a guest on other lifestyle shows. She is also an alumnus from UWO which is my alma mater.

  26. Love receiving your newsletter Jami! Always enjoy watching Sarah on TV her style speaks to my taste in home decorating! Would so love to win her book.

  27. I love Sarah Richardson’s shows. I’ve watched her since she first started on TV. My favourite Canadian designer. Thanks for the opportunity – hope I win! 😉

  28. I’ve been watching Sarah Richardson for years, one of my favorite designers and would love to read her book. Thank- you for the opportunity.

  29. Love Sarah Richardson’s design style.. So sad she is no longer programming in USA. Her use of old furniture and especially fabrics is not topped by anyone.

  30. We used to get Sarah’s show here in the states and I was so devastated when they’d stopped airing it … I have always loved her style and colorful palette

  31. When Sarah’s shows were screened in New Zealand I always watched them. She is inspiring and I always just loved her vision and skill with colour.

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