Instagram and Statigram

Instagram and Statigram, I will show what both tools can do for you!

I’m sure by now we’ve all heard of Instagram but have you heard of Statigram?
This was new to me too. It keeps stats on your Instagram usage!! How cool is that?
Read below for a breakdown. I got it right from the Statigram website.
How to grow your blog with instagram and statigram poster.
Instagram is more than a social photo sharing tool: it represents a communication revolution. We want to take part in this revolution, giving power users and brands the appropriate tool to foster their IG digital identity.
Of course, as Instagram features can not all be accessed through the web, you can find them on statigram in order to browse your photos and share with your community more easily than with your mobile.
And we even made some improvements, to allow you to
PROMOTE your IG account outside Instagram
MANAGE your community on a user-friendly platform
ANALYSE your activity through professional statistics
ENGAGE your community with photo contests
In brief, communicate through photos more efficiently.
Sounds good to me, sign me up!
If you are already signed up to Instagram, when you make an account with Statigram it will ask you to access your Instagram account and your done! Easy peasy!

This is how it can you help you:

* how many photos you have
* how many likes and comments you’ve had
* who are your followers
* who you are following
* your weekly stats
* your monthly stats
* scores about how much your followers love your photos {called a love rate}
* your talk rate
* your spread rate
* which filters you use
* which filters you have never used
* comments at a glance
* your most liked photos
* your most commented photos
* your growth rate
* most engaged followers
* gains and losses
* post history
*distribution by month to month
* distribution by week to week
* geolocation
* hash tag usage
* growth history for likes and comments
* most liked photos ever
* your current posting habits
* which filters are triggering most likes and comments
* top tags search
* your tags listed
* how many followings are following you back and vice versa
* widgets for your blog
* tab for your Facebook page
* ways to promote your blog
* contests you can enter via other followers!

You can easily get the code for your own widget where you can add it to your blog or Facebook page. You can make them in different sizes and can pick the font color etc.

So why don’t you follow me on Instagram via Statigram now?

I hope this helps promote your blog and it’s such a fun way to get to know our lovely bloggers!!
*Disclaimer:  This is NOT a sponsored post, I just like these social media tools!

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  1. Thanks so much for the tip! This is something I need to learn more about. I love visiting your site! You’re so talent. Thanks for all the inspiration! Enjoy your day!

  2. Having just discovered statigram myself, I’m really excited to see this post! I can easily get sucked into a good analytics program…and I just love the way it is laid out – – almost like an infographic. Thanks for leading me to this post, Jamie! And way to be on top of your instagram game!

    1. haha, not really. I was just trying to figure it out myself then did some research and thought, hey, I should do a post! If only all my posts were that easy 😉

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