15 Cozy Napping Spots

If you love to nap check out these 15 very cozy napping spots. 15 Cozy Napping Spots graphic.

I need a nap. A loooooooong nap. I have fully exhausted myself this year and I feel like a good way to end this year is going to sleep in a cozy napping spot. Do you feel the same?

Doesn’t napping sound like a luxury these days? Everyone is so busy, running around and never sitting still long enough to just breathe so I thought it would be nice to take a look at some really cozy spots so we can all finally get some rest.

Sit back and start dreaming of a cozy place to nap. Which one is your favorite?

The cozy reading nook in my master bedroom is my favorite spot in the house to read a book with a cup of tea. I’m going to have to try napping here.

A master bedroom with an oversized white armchair in the corner.

Rachel from Maison de Pax knows how to invite a good nap. Is that scotch in that cup?

A cozy red armchair with a plaid blanket on it.

Love this dark leather chair and cream pillows from The Happy Housie. Where’s my cup of tea?

A leather armchair with a large white pillow on it and a faux fur blanket.

Um, I have no words. Can I buy this room from The Lettered Cottage?

 A small daybed with a large chandelier above it.

Okay, I’m sure that Jenna from Rain on a Tin Roof put scotch in that cup!

 A black leather chair with a vintage blanket on it, and an ottoman with a gold tray.

I’m dreaming right now of resting my head on that furry pillow from Thoughts from Alice.

A dark brown couch with a white faux fur pillow and a deer pillow on it.

Ella Claire Inspired, you had me at white slipcovered couch. And I’ll take that Christmas tree with me for next year.

A cozy white couch with white and pink pillows.

An L-shaped sectional from Town and Country Living is a great space to spread out for a nap. I smell homemade cookies baking in Jennifer’s kitchen.

A white sectional couch with holiday pillows on it.

A little nap in this sweet little girl’s room from House by Hoff would be heavenly. I might steal her stuffies to cuddle too.

 A pink bedspread in a small room with a Christmas tree in front of the window.

I’ve loved tufted couches. I just need to grab one of Danielle’s cozy throws and snuggle up on this couch from Finding Silver Pennies.

A large leather couch in front of a window.

Liz from Liz Marie Blog always has the perfect knack of putting together cozy vignettes.

A grey armchair with a white blanket and pillows on the chair.

Molly Frey Design via Houzz (sorry I can’t talk right now, I’m sleeping)

A daybed in a room with a lot of white and beige pillows on it.

I’m reading a book here at The Lettered Cottage and then I will nap. I’m also taking notes on how Layla made this bed.

A daybed in front of a window in a white and wood room.

Sweet As Candy knows how to make the perfect bed/couch for watching movies! Where’s my popcorn? I’m going to fall asleep halfway through it anyway.

A sofa bed couch pulled out with a blanket on it and green plants in the room.

And my ultimate favorite bedroom. Sometimes a gorgeous bed is all you need for a nap.

via Houzz

A bed with a linen headboard and a large chandelier over top of the bed.   Antlers are displayed on the wall.

If you’re still awake, I hope I’ve inspired you to get some rest and start fresh for the New Year!

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  1. Ha! I’d be lying if I said I didn’t cuddle up with my baby and sleep in that bed last night! 😉 Thanks for including my little girl’s sweet napping spot!

  2. Bwahaha I just got up but could go right back to sleep… Hmm, maybe I should skip my coffee and do just that:) So many beautiful spots… I think my fave might have to be that beautiful little built in nook at the Lettered Cottage. Of course those little hits or red draw me in…Great collection Jamie! Happy New Year!

  3. I have a pretty (but now very kitty-paw worn) chaise lounge in my bedroom. It was designed by Charles Keith who no longer sells them. It’s white with pale yellow rose buds and green leaves here and there and pretty comfy to nap on. My first nap of the weekend is usually after breakfast, when my tummy is full from toasted, buttered English muffins and two hot cups of homemade Chai tea latte. I’m usually out of bed by 6:00 as I cannot tolerate the cats sticking their whiskers up my nose followed by full bladder stomping, as they persuade me to get up. I scoop out their boxes, rinse some dishes, serve their wet and dry food, and then cook my own breakfast. All of that makes me sleepy again. I pull the large pink blanket from my bed and onto the chaise and turn on QVC with the sound barely audible. Sleep comes easily. When I awaken, at least one cat has decided to join me and has his face buried in a thigh so I cannot move.

  4. Uh oh, a few of those napping spots were calling out to me… perhaps not the BEST post for me to read right before heading out for work. LOL! I’ll have to remember to come back on the weekend so I can thoroughly soak it all in!!

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