Best of 2014 {10 Bloggers Best}

Here is the best blog posts of 2014!

Best of 2014 poster.

2014 seemed like a whirlwind. So much happened!

My blogging ‘career’ really took off. My posts increased, my photography improved, my pageviews jumped, and the ideas are still endless. I just do not have enough time. It seems like all the years when I didn’t think I was creative has been built up and now there is an outpouring of ideas and creativity.

My Personal Journey

It’s been so much fun reading all your comments and tips. Your comments are what I live for! I’ve poured out my heart to you at times and there has been nothing but an outpouring of love and support. I truly have the best readers. What I’ve come to realize is that we all need the connection as well as the inspiration. I never want to seem like a machine pumping out creative posts. And I won’t be the first to say this, but it’s hard! It’s hard running your own blog and managing your personal life with two small children. Just like any job, it’s a juggling act and especially so when your ‘job’ is at home and your home is a backdrop for photos. When you see a beautiful photo of my home, just know that the room next to it is in complete chaos. I do love to have a clean and organized home but it’s a constant 24/7 job in itself.

The only way I’ve been able to keep up with this frenetic pace has been to cut out ‘me’ time which isn’t good. I’ve barely worked out, I don’t have much down time and I’m perpetually exhausted. I must change that for 2015. There’s going to be more time set aside for me which will mean a more well-rested-me and a less-cranky-me.

Here are all the posts!

These following posts were all searched or clicked or commented on the most in 2014. They were all very close except one post…one post was clicked the most by a landslide!

Here we go, my best posts of 2014!

Tree Ornament Organization

Clear containers filled with Christmas ornaments.

Vintage Equestrian Birthday Party

Birthday party cake and table in pink and brown.

My Industrial Beachy French Style

Foot stool and dining room table and chairs.

Valentine’s Day Clay Hearts

Clay hearts on string and sitting in wire basket.

How to Make Linen Napkins

Linen napkins on white plate, on wooden table.

How to Make a Ruffled Tablecloth

Ruffled white tablecloth on long table.

Painting Wicker Driftwood Grey

Wicker basket on floor with candle and driftwood on top of it.

DIY Envelope Pillow Cover Tutorial

Blue and white pillow on chair.

My Shocking Past

Little girl sitting cross legged on floor.

Audrey Hepburn Inspired Walk-In Closet

Walk in closet organized with Tiffany blue boxes.

Dresser Makeover

Broken dresser fixed and painted.

Canadian Bloggers’ Home Tour

Poster of my bathroom, living room, dining room and kitchen.

Neutral Foyer Before & After

Foyer in neutral tones.

How to Antique a Mirror

Antiqued mirror sitting on mantel.

Fall Home Tour

White fireplace and mantel with mirror and antlers sitting on it.

Not-So-Rustic Cabin in the Woods

Skis and antlers on wall with wooden side table and lamp.

Paint Your 80s Fireplace

White fireplace in living room.

My Holiday Housewalk

White Christmas tree in front of fireplace.

Newly Renovated Kitchen

Dining table off of white kitchen with chandelier above it.

No 1 most clicked post is:

10 Things NOT to Say to your Adopted Children

Staircase and stairs with white railing.

But wait, there’s more!

Some of my favorite bloggy friends are sharing their years in review today too, and believe me, these ladies have had amazing years! You won’t want to miss out on their best posts, so be sure to hop around and check them out!

The Best of 2014 poster.

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  1. So many fabulous posts Jamie! And I hear what you are saying about the “me” time… and finding the balance. I wish you the best of luck with your efforts to be balanced during the year ahead – I know it is on my list too:) It was amazing going to Haven and meeting you in ‘real’ life this year. Hope we get to meet again in 2015. I’m hopping over to see your kitchen NOW – I took some time off around the holidays and I haven’t even checked it out yet!!

  2. Holy smokes, Jamie! You’ve been one busy girl! I can totally empathize about needing more “me” time and juggling blogging with being a mom, a homemaker, and a wife. It’s tough. And I can only imagine it gets even more stressful the more popular you become. But I’m sure very much worth it all at the same time. I have literally been walking through my house today with my camera and tripod, shoving toys and junk into a closet to photograph a “clean” space. Ha! One of these days, we should just do a blog hop with messy house tours to put real life into perspective. 🙂 It’s refreshing to see reality sometimes. Hope you have a fabulous New Year!

    1. We totally should do a messy home tour, haha. I doubt I’d get anyone coming back to my blog but it would totally put things in perspective, right? Thanks for your sweet comment, girl.
      Hugs, Jamie

  3. You accomplished so much in 2014. Love all your projects, especially your Fall Home Tour and your painted fireplace. Thanks for the inspiration. Looking forward to seeing what 2015 holds for you.
    Happy New Year,
    Pieced Pastimes

  4. I LOVED your series about defining your style…it helped me define my own style and stick to a more cohesive look in my own home! Keep the awesomeness coming!!! xo

  5. Congratulations on a wonderful year! You can see that creativity abounds, and I’m so grateful you share it with us here. Not only that, but thanks for bearing your heart too. We hope to adopt in the future so reading about it from the adoptee perspective is so informative. Cheers to a great 2015 ahead!

    1. Amye Mae, I just fell in love with your blog! Be still my heart. Thank you for your kind words. I’m so glad I touched you with my adoption post. Good luck to you! Hope to chat with you soon 😉
      Hugs, Jamie

  6. What a great year for you, Jamie! I have loved following along! I can totally relate to the perpetual exhaustion and the under abundance of “me” time. Let’s change that in 2015! Here’s to many more fabulous projects and more energy and time 🙂 Happy New Year friend!

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