A Touch of Farmhouse Charm – The Perfect Christmas Gift

Books can make the perfect Christmas gift and my good friend wrote A Touch Of Farmhouse Charm which would make an excellent gift!

A book with the page opened to a cake with blueberries on top of it.

My absolute favourite thing to give and get at Christmas are books.

I love flipping the pages of a new book on Christmas morning. A book always seems to make the morning so relaxing while watching my kids play with their new toys. No rush to go anywhere but enjoy the morning.

I absolutely adore interior design and DIY books…naturally. Design/DIY books aren’t usually books that I buy myself. They just seem like the perfect gift-giving book, don’t they?

A Touch of Farmhouse Charm was just released today by my beautiful friend (inside and out), Liz Fourez of Love Grows Wild.

I’ve been a long-time admirer of hers and we see each other every year at Haven but this year, even though I got to spend more time with her, I only wished I could have spent more time with her. Do you ever meet people like that?

She is a pure genuine person and has all the creative talent that you would expect for someone who just came out with their own book!

Although I know her blog and her style, I still felt like there was so much to read about and learn from her.

She has the amazing knack of putting simple touches together that create big impact.

Which is essentially what A Touch of Farmhouse Charm is all about.

A Touch Of Farmhouse Charm book.

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There are so many beautiful DIY farmhouse tutorials in her book and many gorgeous photos of her rustic enchanting style that she shares with her husband and two sons.

The book opened to a foyer shot on the table with candles and pine cones.

The warm homey photos and DIY projects are just gorgeous.

Candles and pine cones on the table beside the book.
Fresh Milk &Cream inside a picture frame.
Striped pillows with ties on the side.
A silhouette picture inside a black frame.

Her home is show stopping with it’s own stunning simplicity and classic captivating charm.

There is a wooden bench with cowboy boots underneath it.
A rustic looking black bed frame with white bedding and tray filled with coffee cups and flowers.

Liz was even so kind to send me a gift – this gorgeous cake slicer and farmhouse tea towel…naturally.

A cake slicer is beside the farmhouse charm book.
The book on the wooden table.

A  Touch of Farmhouse Charm can be purchased starting today on Amazon.com.

Be sure to grab a copy for yourself….and a few friends 😉

A Touch of Farmhouse Charm - The Perfect Christmas Gift - So Much Better With Age

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  1. Jamie, you are one in a million… thank you from the bottom of my heart, sweet friend! I so look forward to spending more time with you next Haven.

    xoxo Liz

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