Dining Room

I am sharing my before and after pictures of my dining room which has been a difficult room to decorate.

I’ve changed our dining room many times over but I think it’s done (well almost done…is any room ever really done??). It’s been a difficult room to decorate as it’s so large and I feel that a dining room should feel a bit cozy. If it’s cozy, I believe guests will want to stay and linger longer rather than be uncomfortable and feel the need to leave.

Anyway, I love all my neutral colored walls in the house but I recently had it painted a darker, cozy color – Nantucket Grey by Benjamin Moore. It reads a soft green but I guess it’s a grey/green.

Dining room wooden table with fabric chairs.
We had this table made for us. It has a wax finish which gives it a rustic look. The chairs are from Home Sense.
The same dining room but painted a fresh off white slightly sage colour.
A silhouette picture of my son and an old wicker chair.
A silhouette picture above a wicker chair with pillows.
An old crock with dried hydrangas, old Pepsi box and some vintage sap buckets.
A wooden cabinet with vintage buckets and dried flowers on top of it.
The wooden hutch in the dining room.
Liquor cabinet I painted white. The art is from Lahaina, Maui.
The white liquor cabinet with alcohol on top.
The scrolly piece of wood is actually an old weathered hanging basket arm found at a yard sale for $1. I have two flanking the bay window.
The wooden scroll arm is in the corner of the room beside a nautical picture.
The tabletop has a burlap runner, a chicken wire basket with old glass fishing buoys and some mercury votive holders.
There is a wire basket in the center of the table beside two candles.
The bay window area is kind of bare. I made those linen curtains and painted the bench. Maybe I should make some pillows for the bench.
A bay window with a small sitting bench.
The driftwood mirror is new from Crate and Barrel. The old vintage scale I’ve had for years! Some candles, seaglass, a platter and a burlap covered tin container complete the cabinet look.
A scale on top of a hutch with candles on it.
There is a sunburst mirror on the wall.

Hope you have a great week!!

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