Living Room Updates

Check out these before and after pictures of my updated living room.

Updated living room - So Much Better With Age

Welcome to my living room! I posted previously about my living room but thought some new photos were in order and now that I have more readers, it’s nice to share my favorite room with you! I recently discussed my neutral living room with Savvy Southern Style.

Here is the before. We took that wall down that you see on the right and opened up the space.

Updated Living room / bare living room with fireplace - So Much Better With Age

We added bookshelves and I painted over that peach granite. And, yes, that’s a very large baby gate you see there.

Updated Living Room / built in bookshelves and updated fireplace - So Much Better With Age

This is the chaos I’m trying to separate my living room from!

Updated Living Room / baby gate in living room - So Much Better With Age

I love neutrals and french decor in case you didn’t notice 😉

Updated Living Room / neutral couch - So Much Better With Age

Most of my finds are very inexpensive.

Updated Living Room / neutral chairs and rug - So Much Better With Age

Here is another before shot taken from the foyer. That bay window was just begging for a window bench!

Updated Living Room / bay window with wood frame - So Much Better With Age

We had one made along with some custom cushions.

The tops lift up to reveal storage! It’s a good spot to hide seasonal decor and Christmas presents…shhh.

Updated Living Room / window bench in living room - So Much Better With Age

Another before shot when we first toured the house. We added rounded steps and removed the bannisters.

Updated Living Room / wooden banister in living room - So Much Better With Age

It’s amazing what new flooring and paint can do!

Updated Living Room / wood floor - So Much Better With Age

Hello rounded steps!

Updated Living Room / rounded steps - So Much Better With Age

I found the most difficult thing to tackle was bookshelf styling! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve styled and restyled them. Too many times.

Plus I don’t like a lot of clutter so I wanted add something lovely and meaningful but at the same time not overcrowding the shelves.

Updated Living Room / minimal bookshelf styling - So Much Better With Age The little chicken wire baskets I found at a garage sale. I turned them upside down and added them to my stacks of magazines. There are more books, candles and photos.

Updated Living Room / wire baskets on bookshelf - So Much Better With Age

This beautiful portrait of my son and I was a special gift.

Updated Living Room / beautiful portrait on shelf - So Much Better With Age

The bottom cupboards store all my photo albums. It’s great to have some hidden storage.

Updated Living Room / photo album and hidden storage in bookshelf - So Much Better With Age

I don’t think you need to spend a lot of money on decor items.

Updated Living Room / blanket on chair - So Much Better With Age

You should spend money on the items that will be used long-term like a couch and other furniture but not decor. Below you can see in my living room source guide below where I got everything!

Updated Living Room / mirror hanging above fireplace - So Much Better With Age

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  1. I am curious as to how you painted the rock on your fireplace? I have been wanting to do the same thing to mine but I am scared. What did you use and how did you do it? What are your tips for that?

    1. Hi there, I’ve been meaning to do a post on it but I just used spray paint! I spray painted it while we were doing the reno but I would just use regular paint if you are not doing a reno. I used a cream coloured spray paint. A regular enamel paint would work fine. I primed mine first with Zinsser 123 in spray paint but you can also buy it in a quart. I hope that helps!
      Hugs, Jamie

  2. Hi Jamie,
    I’m stopping over from DesignDreams by Anne. I’m floored at the gorgeous transformation of your home. I just love your style with all the nuetrals and dark accents. Thanks for sharing your home and happy new year!!

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