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It’s time for another monthly edition of Jamie’s List! A place where I share my favorite things that have caught my eye over the past month or so.

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My Favorite Things

I’ve been following Allison Willson since she worked for Sarah Richardson and I’m in love with house she built with her husband.

These shelves in her kitchen feel like they are from an old French chateau.

Allison Willson Interiors rustic stone wall with inset shelves and green and cream dish ware.
via Allison Willson

And her entire house is what dreams are made of! Allison Willson

Stone house with black roof.
via Allison Willson

Seriously the most amazing artisan decor bowls ever!

Artisan decor bowls from Pottery Barn.

Currently have this on my place to visit one day in Tuscany, Borgo Santo Pietro

Borgo Santo Pietro hotel in Tuscany.
via Borgo Santo Pietro

Jeremiah Brent is one of my favorite designers. They way he mixes modern with European design is honestly breathtaking!

Jeremiah Brent design with black modern windows and large outdoor living area.
Jeremiah Brent via Ashley Stark

Speaking of Jeremiah Brent, he and Rachel Zoe were on the California Closets podcast (click the link to listen). So proud to belong to this company!

Jeremiah Brent and Rachel Zoe California Closet podcast.
via Jeremiah Brent

This is the chicest marble wine chiller ever!

Marble wine chiller from The Cross.

I’ll take these fluted tumblers while you’re at it too!

Fluted tumblers from The Cross.

This summer my limelight hydrangeas did not get very big. I’ve talked to a few gardeners and it might be because they need to be watered a lot in the first few years. And it’s been a very hot summer here in BC.

Small limelight hydrangeas.

I know they are Annabelle Hydrangeas but Tracey Hiebert’s garden is just gorgeous.

Annabelle hydrangeas from Tracey Hiebert's home.

Also, GNC Garden from Denmark is my dream garden!! Simply stunning!

GNC Garden of Annabell Hydrangeas.

Thanks for being here! Let me know in the comments below if you have any limelight hydrangea advice!

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Jamie’s List

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    1. Hi Cara,
      Yes I know those photos are Annabelles, couldn’t find any photos of Limelights…I just want my Limelights to grow! Hoping for next year 😉
      Hugs, Jamie

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